Please help with planning details!


I really like to plan in fine detail with the understanding, of course, that it may have to fly out the window… so anyway…

we have an ADR for O’Hana at 5:00 on the only night that we can go to evening EMH at AK. Since everybody seems to think that O’hanas is sort of a rushed experience… are we crazy to try to eat there and then take the bus to AK for the rest of the evening (it closes at 9:00). If you don’t think we are crazy, how long a bus ride is it to AK or should we consider a cab? I have tried to move ADR’s around and this is about all we could get for this night… wadda you think?

Another scenario… we have an ADR for Le Cellier at 4:10. Is it crazy to then hop on the monrail to MK (or bus from BC to MK - which?) for Spectro and Wishes?

Finally, the unofficial guide says that AM EMH at AK don’t reduce overall touring time - agreed or not? What about AM EMH at MGM if you have three small children only one of which will ride the ToT and RnR? Should we just forgo early EMH at these parks and be there for rope drop on regular hour days? We do love early EMH at MK, however, and plan to be there early! For EPCOT, we are staying at the BC which doesn’t have transportation to the front of EPCOT sooo what are the strategies for utilizing early EMH at EPCOT if you are staying at an EPCOT resort?

Sorry for all the questions, but I really appreciate the help!


I believe there is a walking bridge into Epcot from Beach Club . . . so you can just walk there.

Not all the rides/attractions are open EMH at AK . . . but at the front desk of the lobby, you can ask them to print out the EMH schedule for the week, for all the parks . . . it helps with planning (Having been there just this July, I know there is no late Nemo show only Lion King)

AND, no I think it is perfect to hop on a monorail and see WISHES . . . cuz it’s always best to view them from in front of the castle! Not sure what the schedule is like when you go, but when we were there there were two Parades, one at 9, fireworks 10 and then another parade at 11 right as the park closed . . . guess they do that to help with the crowds leaving the park??


Your plan is going to force you to rush through your meals and race to get from place to place. You should seriously reconsider your ADR’s on the days that you want to see spectro and do the EMH at the ak. Try getting ohanna for the night spectro is and doing something like boma or rainforest for the night of AK EMH. You are seriously adding stress to your trip.


I agree 100%. If your going to rush don’t bother. Remember your on vacation, take your time and you’ll enjoy it more…


All that being said, if that’s your plan and your gonna stick to it - grab a cab. They are quick and cheap for 'cross world hops when time is short.


I think you will have plenty of time to get over to MK after your dinner at Le Cellier, it is early enough in the day that you will not need to rush. Especially since you can just hop on the monorail.

But, I do believe the dinner at Ohana’s and trying to get to AK could be tight. I know that wait times at Ohana’s can be as long as 45 minutes, so, this could definitely make it very late by the time you get done. I do like Boss’s idea of grabbing a cab though, if its the only day you can make it to AK. I wouldn’t want you to miss that!


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