Please help!


I feel so stupid but I have to ask! What does AP rates stand for? :blink:
Still a newbie :dry:
Thanks a bunch :excl:


I think “Annual Passholders”.


I have to agree with hiner on this.


yep Annual Passholder rates which are good for anyone with an AP or a PAP


Ok, now how does one become an ap?


All you have to do is buy an annual pass.


you can buy a premium or regular annual pass at the disneyworld website as i did. you only need one to get the AP room rates. But I bought AP’s for all 4 of us, instead of having to purchase tickets for everyone.


Do the AP’s get you into all the parks, including the water parks, DisneyQuest and PI??

We usually get the length of stay passes so we can go anywhere.


There are two main types of annual passes. One covers just the big four ($379) and the other also includes the water parks and Pleasure Isand ($499).
You can also buy annual passes for just the water parks etc.


So if you buy an annual pass, it gets you in to parks and it pays for your hotel? I suppose you have to get certain AP’s for certain things. Maybe I should just get on the disney website? Thanks a bunch :huh:


AP is a PARK annual pass!! It gets you into the park and special rates on Hotels!!! It does not pay your hotel stay!!!


It’s a park pass, for the theme parks only. The premium pass will get you into the water parks etc. It doesn’t pay for your hotel, but it can get you a discount. You have to sit in front of your computer 24/7 , chewing your nails, and wait until the rates are posted for the time you want to go, then jump on the phone and hope they’re not all sold out :smile: If you’ve already booked, you can apply the rates when they become available.