Please Help!


I work at a daycare and one of our little girls (3 yrs.) was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a very aggressive form of cancer. Things are not looking good for her at the moment. Little Emma is in LOVE with the Disney Princesses. We all were wondering if there was a way to send a card to Disney and have one of the princesses sign it and send it back to her. Does anyone know if this is possible? If it is who should I contact to get more info? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


I don’t know about that, but I do know that there are a lot of VERY big hearted DCers around here who might be willing to get a card signed while they are at WDW. Any takers?


Let’s find the postcard pixie thread. There are lots of folks going to WDW shortly who would be happy to send signed postcards to little girls.


How heartbreaking. I know that everyone here at DC would do whatever they could to make some magic for this little girl.



Call WDW and call public relations and they will do something.


also the make a wish foundation is another great resource! I would hope that they would make that happen! How sad!


Here is the website for Make-A-Wish


How sad. I’m sure there is a DCer going to WDW soon who would be happy to get a postcard signed by a princess. The princesses are so much easier to find these days. If that doesn’t happen soon then try calling WDW and see what they can do.


I’m going in September… Will be happy to send the princess a card, but I need address… email me at with info and I will be happy to send her a postcard, one from me and another from Nikki


This seems like something I can do since I’m in Entertainment here. Even though I don’t “help” the princesses I’m very good friends with the girls that do “help” them. Lemmie see what I can do.


Way to go Matt! I knew DC would come through.


This is a wonderful program you may want to check on:


Prayers and Pixie Dust going out to Emma!!!


My roommate “helps” princesses and would be more than willing to have a card signed from them. If you still need help, please let me know and I will pass along the word to her.


Unfortunately, we don’t know when we’ll next be there at this point, but I want to extend prayers for that poor little girl and her family and caretakers.


Thank you all SO MUCH!! You all have been so kind and helpful. I just got home from work so I am still taking it all in. Thank you to those who volunteered to get a postcard signed. I don’t have her address on me so I will have to get that at work tomorrow. I knew I could find the help I needed here at DC!


I’ll be there in a couple of days and would be happy to get something signed if possible. PM an address and I’ll do my best!


i am also going in september. If you send me an email @ witht he address to send it to, i wiould be more than happy to something signed for her.


How heartbreaking. My thoughts go out to her and her family.

We will not be at WDW until Oct, but if you want I would be happy to send a postcard. PM me and give me the address and I’ll see what I can do. I know a few people already offered, but I thought I would offer anyway.