Please Help!


We are taking our first disney trip. We’re a family of 21 mix of kids and adults. Any travel tips are greatly appreciated. We’re staying off property at Global Resort Homes.


well firstly a HUGE warm welcome to MB- anything you want to know just ask!
Well, my advice is to not expect to do the whole trip together. Some of you will want to do one thing and others something else. I personally believe that there is no chance that you could get your entire vacation done as a whole group. Of course, you will do some days together but it seems impossible to get it all done as a group of 21! Of course you can go to the same park together but you will prob need to split up and do what you want you do. Dont expect to get around the park without a nightmare ensuing, as a group that big. We see loads of large school/college groups going around together and I can tell you…it is a disaster for everyone! LOL! I think you need to get together now, decide if you want any meals together firstly and get those booked as early as possible as that is prob where you will find the biggest challenge.

You must be so excited though?! Whan are you going?


Welcome to MB! Wow… a very large group. What fun you will have. When are you going?