Please look over this and make sure I am not forgetting anything


Here is my packing list. Please take a moment to see if you can tell if I am missing anything.

Tennis Shoes
Flip Flops/Sandles
Swim Suits
Light Jacket or Sweat Shirt

Misc Items:
Address Book
Autograph book- fat pen
Reading Material - plane ride
Video Recorder
Cell Phone
Recorder, Phone and Camera Charger
Chewing Gum
Credit Cards
Drivers License
Disney Dollars
Fan or misters
Extra memory Cards for camera
Guide Book
Hotel Reservation Letter
Insect Repellant
Laundry Soap
Lip Balm
Medication and Asprin
Small Flash Light
Park Tickets
Ziplock Bags
Video Recorder Tapes
Wet Wipes
11X17 Envelope with 2 pices of Cardboard for pictures
Glow in the Dark Items
Rolls of Pennies
Rolls of Quarters
Pixie Post Card List with Addresses
Coffee and Coffee Filters
Disposible Camera for Preston
Deck of Cards

Items to have at the parks
Rolls of pennies and quarters
Glow in the dark items
Wet Wipes
Small Flashlight
Money/Disney Dollars
Lip Balm
Bug Spray
Autograph Book and pen
Camera and Video Recorder
Misters or Fans

Curling Iron
Brush, Comb and Pick
Hair Clips
Make-Up Removal
Shampoo and Conditionar
Tooth brush, paste and floss
Body Soap
Women Products
Nail Clippers
Bubble Bath

Items to pack in carry on
Reading Material - plane ride
Video Recorder
Cell Phone
Chewing Gum
Credit Cards
Drivers License
Disney Dollars
Guide Book
Hotel Reservation Letter
Medication and Asprin
Park Tickets


fanny pack or something to hold stuff in while ur at the park!


thanks- I would have forgotten that.


Just go to Dana’s super packing list! I think it’s a sticky somewhere…everything you can think of is on that list!!!


Poncho’s… you never know.


Just a suggestion, wear your winter coat on the plane. When we went in 05, on Christmas night we had to go back to our room and get our coats, it was really cold. Lynn


Kitchen Sink?
No but seriously, probably some sort of Vitamin C suppliment. Cold and Flu season (cold-eez, Air-borne, etc)



DEFINITELY bring a winter coat. We were there a bunch of times where the weather REALLY varied. Last year, it was in the upper 30s to low 40s one day…BRRRRR!!!


I always take a small can of Lysol disinfectant spray and treat any surfaces/items that are commonly touched in a hotel room…like the remote control, phone, light switches, doorknobs, etc.

My family teases me because I am a germ-a-phobe, but I figure who wants to spend all that time and money getting a vacation together only to spend part of it sick? It’s worth the peace of mind.


just remember the new rules for the plane. We carry on so I have decided to by my laundry stuff when I get there. Same with sun lotion.


Head over to the packing thread in travel tips…check that list.


here’s a link to the super list.


I always take a backpack as i don’t like to carry a bulky purse with me and if I buy something at the parks I just put it in my backpack. The kids also get their own back pack. I put water and snacks in them.


I think you should check the list and the Boss Mouse cool guy hotel room tips.


Thank you so much guys. So what is the new packing rules for the airplanes? Have not heard about any recent changes.


Don’t get on a plane w/a bomb. They frown on that.


here is something I usually pack especially with little one’s who like to break their shoe laces … Shoe Laces. I have also used them to tie children up when they get out of hand.


This is a great tip. I have used this and the duct tape tip on many of our trips since Dac first shared them.


Either Duct or packing tape. I always seem to have a roll of packing tape in my suitcase.


Don’t forget a nail file and some eye drops, just incase some gets something in their eye…