Please pick one for us


I am going to ask you experts because I can’t decide on Chef Mickey’s, 1900 Park Fare or Crystal Palace for breakfest.


WOW! THAT’S A HARD ONE!! :laugh:

Crystal Palace, not because it’s better (Chef Mickey’s is similar) but because if you take the first reservation . . . you get in before the park “officially” opens, and you can see what it’s like to have Main Street all to yourself! :happy:


Ohhhh that sounds like fun, I never thought of that. Thanks


Another vote for Crystal Palace ~ for the same reasons:happy:


That is the reason why we are doing it. :smile:


I like the food and atmosphere better at Crystal Palace, so I choose that one.


Crystal Palace does have the largest selection for food as well.


All three are good.
All three have characters, but only 1900 has The Mad Hatter, perhaps the best of the character CMs in all of WDW.
1900 and CP have omelet stations, I think you can get eggs to order from CM’s kitchen, but not sure.
CP is inside the park and if your reservation is before park opening, you get to walk Main Street all alone.
The other two are on the monorail, so travel to MK is no problem.
CM is the hardest to get reservations for.

So, if you want Mickey and Donald, you’re going to want to try hard for CM.
If you like Pooh and Tigger, they are at both CP and 1900.
CP has Eeyore and Piglet, 1900 has the Hatter and Alice as well Mary Poppins.

I can’t really tell you one over the others because they are all favorites of mine.



I’m gonna’ remember this bit of info for the next time we stay at WDW! I never thought about this!

I’m ALWAYS learning something on these forums!:happy:


I’d go for 1900 just for mad hatter -may not see him otherwise.

That aside, chef mickey interests me more than CP - but i’d just like those characters better.


If it was for dinner I would go with 1900 Park Fare.


My pick would be Chef Mickeys.


That is just what I was going to suggest! You must try this Remy, it is AWESOME walking down Mainstreet before everyone else. You get some great Photo Opportunities doing this!


i think you should go to the crystal palace for the same reason ,main st all to your self,its great…


I’ve never done Chef Mickey but out of the other 2 choices, I would say Crystal Palace if the day isn’t too hot because you do have to wait outside and my kids got real cranky waiting out in the sun.
1900 PF if it is because you get to wait inside at GF and take the monorail over to MK which kids love.
But like already said if you can get a time where you go in b4 the park opens, GO FOR THAT!


I like 1900 for tops in food quality. It depends if you want to go to a park or a resort. We had our best Buffet breakfast at 1900. Good for dinner as well.


I’d have to go with Crystal Palace. Being able to enter the park before it’s open is a huge bonus. Not only do you get Main Street almost all to yourself but you’ll be able to get some wonderful pictures in front of the castle, too!!


I would say Crystal Palace for the reason of getting main street all to yourself! That would be an awesome start to the day!


I vote for Crystal Palace…the food is better than Chef Mickey’s in my opinion.


For all the aforementioned reasons, I have to put my two cents worth in for Crystal Palace also. We did breakfast there around Easter and it was worth it!! A window table looking at the castle is even better!