Please tell me


That the Drive from NJ to Disneyland would be to long. My kids are pushing this idea on my wife.:blink:

How long would it take?

I need to plant the flying seed if we go to DL.


Umm, FLY!! Seriously. Unless you made this an all out cross country vaca and stop at all the historic spots along the way for me it would just NOT be worth it. You can get some good flight deals from Newark straight to LAX, I do it everytime we go. Are they afraid of flying?


My wife rather keep her feet on the ground. We just drove to DW and I think she is swinging towards flying. This is the only reason we havent tried DL to date is the long flight or longer drive. If I end up in DW this summer you will know why.:redface:


OMG, that would take at least 3 days :eek:
I would give the DW a pill and drag her onto a plane:ph34r:


I have to do that a week prior to leaving.:biggrin:


Having driven back and forth between California and Texas when I was in the Navy, it would take three full days of nonstop driving…


If you have the time, it would be a fantastic trip to stop every few hours and see history. Not the world’s largest ball of string, mind you, but stuff like Gettysburg, St. Louis, Santa Fe, The Grand Canyon…
You could do even more if you felt adventurous and decided to take a less direct route.

In 2003 I helped my brother move from California to North Carolina. It took us four days of driving a u-haul with a late start on the first day, and a detour to San Antonio.

There are some thoughts to ponder, such as having a reliable car, an “emergency fund”, and sufficient rest for each driver. I would seriously hit priceline on hotels to get at least a good rate on the hotels…

If I had the time? I would do it. I just drove all over Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado with my heir apparent for a week last May… :cool:


Unless you really love your kids :wub: That’s a joke. I love the romantic sort of idea of driving across the country to California…but then I start to think about the fact that I would have to drive back. Seriously…hit up and book the cheapest flight. By the time you factor in gas, ALL those meals, hotel stays, a car check up before you leave ,possible flat tires, a new transmission :laugh: they’ll add up to about the same.


Honestly, Id fly.! I did some research on driving before (California to New York and Cali to New Jersey) and it was going to take three to four days. Save the money and time and spend a day or two extra at Disney.


YUP flying will be the option for me.


If I get the all go for DL I will have alot of questions.


I know what you mean. After driving this past trip we all came back alive.:laugh:


That is definitely too long of a drive, I would never be able to do it. You can get some pretty good fares out of Philly to LAX on Southwest Air.


I would like to fly out of ACY but flights are spotty and none direct. I would have to look at philly or newark.


We’re ready!! I :heart: Disneyland :happy:



This is what you are imagining:


… but this is reality:


The drive from NJ to WDW is TOO LONG…to DL is just insanity.

Hour 3: “Are we there yet?”
Hour 15: “Are we there yet?”
Hour 38: “Are we there yet?”
Hour 173: “Are we there yet?” “Click, BANG”

Yeah, I think flying is better idea.


um, i don’t think that’s reality… :confused:

They are all driving on the wrong side of the road!! No wonder it’s congested! :laugh:


A cool Porsche. :cool:

Miles of open road. :ph34r:

A hot babe…

Um, never mind. :pinch:

And as a caveat, I don’t get to drive faster than 30 mph, and there’s no change of scenery for me. :mellow:

So if you want somebody to drive for you, let me know… :happy:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I hear that before we get out of town.:laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: you kill me MissD :laugh: