Please Vote for me!


For the November 10th issue of the AllEars weekly newsletter, my picture was chosen as the photo of the week. They are now doing the voting for photo of the year!! Please click on the link below and vote for me!!

November 10, 2009 “Peeking In”


2009 Photo of the Week Year-End Poll Survey


Done!:happy::happy:Hope you win!


Thank you!


I voted for you.That was a great picture that does capture “Disney”. Good luck and I hope you win!


That picture should win hands down, and Disney should use it in their advertising… Plain and simple… (off to vote)


I voted. I would have even if i didnt know you from mb. That pic is the best ever. Disney should use it on the material they send out.


Doen. I thought that was a cool shot before I knew you were the photographer.


Voted for that one last night. Good luck. I loved that pic when you did your TR.


I voted for you as soon as I saw the voting was available. Good luck Kim.


My vote is in and counted.


Mine is in too- great photo!


My votes in Kim…good luck!!


Voted…hope you win!!:wink:


Thanks for your votes and wonderful comments!! I think all I win are bragging rights and I will thank each of you in my acceptance speech:laugh:!!


I just noticed that Wishy’s picture is up on display at the top of that page from last year!!


I voted!!! I love that picture. I hope you win.


DOne! Definately teh best one! Oh and by the way, your son looks like he has a halo on his head the way the sun is hitting it! How adorable!


Vote casted your way.


I have to admit, yours was the best one of the bunch. Disney could have used it for an advertisement. Well done!

Guess I will have to try to get in on the competiton next year!


it’s done XX