Please welcome...Slartybartfast!


I’m lucky to have found someone who shares my Disney obsession! :wub:
My DH has finally had it with me being the ONLY DCer in the family and has registered his own identity.
He’s looking forward to sharing his Disney stories and reading all of yours too!
So please welcome…Slartybartfast :wink:
(He’s also slightly obsessed with Hitchiker’s Guide :glare: ) :laugh:


Does he have a towel, by chance?

(and a babel fish…those are EXTREMELY helpful!!)

WELCOME TO DC!!! :cool: :wink: :pirate: :mickey:


Well towels are the most useful items in the universe. I live in South florida so a babel fish would come in most helpful! As would a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster :eek:


I hear he’s pretty good at fjords.


I would need a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster if I were to bear witness to the poetry of Grunthos the Flatulant! :noo:


Thank you o keeper of my heart :wub: as well as the catnip!


Of course, his name really isn’t important.


Can it be? a fan as sick and twisted as me? Better be careful with the Vogon poetry :eek:


Here I am, brain the size of a planet…


Oh geez…what have I done???


You’ve, quite literally, “opened the can”! :wink:


I wonder what’s that big thing coming at me… It needs a big name like ound…round…ground yeah thats it ground … I wonder if it’l be friends with me…


…and all the bowl of petunias thought was “oh no…not again!”


How did that movie not get the Oscar??? :mad:


I’m so depressed I think I will go sit in the corner and rust.

Welcome to DC!


Have you ever seen the BBC mini-series? My buddy out in Dallas, another BIG Hitchiker fan, sent it to me on video tape a long while back! He also sent me the BBC audio version on cassette! AND…he sent me pictures of when he met Douglas Adams at the Forbidden Planet in London! :cool:


So I haven’t seen (or read) Hitchiker’s Guide and I’m totally lost on this thread…but…

Welcome to DC! :flowers:


You must go out and get it right now! Start with the BBC version, it is now FINALLY out on DVD! It is hilarious!! :tongue:


That sounds terrifically cool! Never saw the mini series but have read the books several times. Rumor has it that the face that appears at the end when they are making the improbability jump to the resteraunt at the OTHER end of the universe is Douglas Adams. Can anyone confirm?


Yes, I believe you are correct! I read that somewhere…I think it was Starburst magazine!

Speaking of Improbability Drives, I was thinking of getting one installed in my car, but then realized that Zaphod Beeblebrox had stolen the ship with the only known one! Drat!! :frown: