Pleasure Island and Kids


What is the deal with Pleasure Island and kids. I have been reading my guidebook and a couple of places say that you must be over 21 but as a general rule their is no restriction. I had assumed that the whole thing would be an over 21 place. Do people take their kids at night?


Im pretty sure all the clubs are 21 and over


The only ones in my book that stated 21 and over were BET SoundStage Club and Mannequin’s Dance Palace. Maybe someone can confirm if it is all over 21. I’d be suprised if it wasn’t from what I have read.


It also goes onto say that after 7:00pm, no one under 18 is permitted to enter Pleasure Island without an accompanying guardian or parent. I had missed this bit before.


Also keep in mind that Pleasure Island is going under a transformation. Before you had to buy a ticket to even enter it, now you can wander through the walkways without purchasing a ticket. To enter a club you do have to buy a ticket of some kind. Mannequins has always been 21+ to enter. The other clubs I am not so sure about.


Only certain clubs are over 21, I think just BET Soundstage and Mannequins. I know that kids are allowed at the Adventurers Club but those under 18 must be with an adult. That said, I’m not sure the humor is suitable for kids, it’s PG 13 at best and some pushing R.


I have sort of skimmed over the PI chapters in my books as we’ll have 2 little kids with us and i thought it was all paid admission for adults only. I’m glad you asked this PrincessBelle. I wrote off getting to Raglan Road or Cookes of Dublin with the kids. I have more reading to do…


I too thought it was 21 and older only! I will have to read over it again myself!


We normally only go to the Adventurers Club and no matter what time of the night we are there we see children in the club.


WEll not matter what the age limit is, I am telling the kids that they can’t go…lol I am parking them at DQ while me and DBF go have fun for two hours…lol I have read that you can enter with an adult if you are under 18.


To a degree they tone down the adult aspects of the humor and such at the Adventurers’ Club, at least, if kids are present. (Alas!)



I have never been to the Adventurer’s Club, but I would definitely never take kids to the other clubs. They are all adult-oriented to me and not appropriate for the younger crowd. I have watched people bring small children into the clubs and it gets me irritated.


Yes, at AC, one of the characters said in a very pointed way (to make it clear to a character who wouldn’t necessarily be able to see in time – if you go to AC you’ll understand) that there were children present, and the character said, “Well, there goes all my best jokes” and everyone laughed, but it is true, they tone it down when underage folks are around (and it is true, they lose the best jokes that way there…).



Yes - they always do that. Children are usually at the first show of the night, so if you want more “adult-oriented” humour (and truly, it’s no worse than a lot of stuff on tv) go to a later show. Because of the transformation going on at PI, you can now go to The Adventurer’s Club and The Comedy Club for the 8 p.m. shows, free.


I heard of AC and the Rock and Roll Beach Club.
And i agree go early, my DD (9) wants to go so we will go early and leave before it gets too late. I want to go to the RRBC


I haven’t been to PI in years…since I had kids. I won’t take them there, I don’t see the point.


I really want to check out the Adventurers Club. I’m not interested in the other clubs. My options are go early and check it out with the kids, or don’t go at all. And as I’m travelling over 20hours to get there and it will probably be my only trip in the next 10-15yrs, I think I’m going to do it.


This is great information to have. It will just be DD and me this trip, so if I decide to go, she’ll be with me. She has inherited her mom’s warped sense of humor, so I’m thinking the Adventurer’s Club will be fine. If not, I’ll have some 'splaining of jokes to do on the way back to the room.


If you’re going to take kids to PI (yes they do tone down the humor until later in the evening at AC and Comedy Club), be advised that it is an environment where the sale of alcohol is a prime element in the fun. This doesn’t really affect things too much early in the evening which is when Chastmastr and I saw children at AC, but later in the evening I really can’t recommend it as a place for children. There are too many adults in a, shall we say, “altered” state of conciousness by then. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I just don’t that’s the best environment for kids to be in.


Quakercub, I agree about the damper that too many adults drinking too much alcohol can have on an environment, not just for kids but for those of us who no longer indulge for whatever reason.

People kicking back and having fun isn’t a problem. They’re on vacation and having fun and I’d never want to put a damper on someone’s good time. People being stupid with alochol is a different thing, though, and I don’t think either DD or I want to be around that (we have enough chances to see that when my whole family gets together :frown: )