Pleasure Island Food


What are the restaurants they have at PI? Any good ones that anyone might suggest?


The restaurants at PI are D-Zertz, Fulton’s Crab House, Missing Link and Portobello’s. I haven’t eated at any. I got the information from my passporter guide book for you. The Passporter rated Fulton’s the best of the four, but that is just a guide book’s opinion. I am certain a few of the Dcers have more opinons. You can go on the review section of Dc and get some reviews on these places or go to and get opinions, menus and prices. Hope this helps.


We’ve eaten at Fulton’s which was quite expensive, but good. Especially if you like seafood. Don’t know about any of the others though… but they do make a good Margarita at the Adventurer’s Club


thanks if anyone else has any more info i would greatly appreciate it


We ear regularly at both Fultons’s (sea food) and Portobello’s (Italian) both are very good, but a little but expensive.


Missing Link is a fast food place, and its mostly sausage-type foods. I really like it! Great for those late night munchies!!! :biggrin:



Theres food there?? Geez all I remember is Alcohol, thursday nights, getting in for free and more alcohol…Oh I think I remember a Gyro cart and I wanted a Gyro…hmm but I opted for more alcohol…bad castmember!
Then I inebriatedly danced the night away…lol


You know there are a lot of restaurants on both sides of PI, in Marketplace and Westside, besides in PI. I recommend House of Blues…awesome food!!! That is located down at the end of Marketplace across from DisneyQuest and Circa Su Le (spelling???).


DH and I ate at Portobellos and loved it. The food and service were great as well as the atmosphere. I highly recommend it.


Fultons Crab House used to be good, but in the last three years at least we’ve found it’s gone down hill in almost every category-- atmosphere, food, and service. We are ho-hum about it now. Haven’t been to any other PI restaurants.