Pleasure Island - get it while it's hot?


Hey guys:

I need some advice.

DS’s godfather, DW and myself are heading over to Pleasure Island after dinner this coming Friday.

With the possibility of Adventurer’s Club closing and/or other changes, I’d like to take advantage of this “see it while you can” opportunity.

For anyone who’s been there, any suggestions?

NOTE: DW and I LOVE to dance and DS’s godfather is open to anything. (Maybe we can help him meet someone??? :cool: ) The three of us are 37.


If you love interactive comedy, The Adventurer’s Club is a must. If you love to dance, Mannequins, definately. It’s won awards for being one of the best dance clubs on the east coast.


I really hope they keep Adventurers’ Club, Comedy Warehouse and Mannequins. Alas, we already lost the Jazz Club…



Well, it looks like we’re going to try Mannequins. DW and I have been to a few weddings over the last few years and we’ve really loved being able to dance.

We still have fond memories of the last time we went to a club back when I was a Senior at Boston College… (OMG… that was 15 years ago)


Hopefully, we’ll be able to find a dance partner for DS’s godfather.

He’s 37, successful, fit, attractive and a generally great guy to be around. Anyone know any single ladies who’ll be in Orlando Friday?? :wink:


Sorry, I don’t Matt, but the way you build him up, if I had a sister I’d have no problem setting her up with him.


Go to 8-trax!!! Everytime I go I always end up meeting some interesting people (ex. Scotish men’s soccer team) uh umm, i have photos, don’t ask. hehe

Anyway, it is ALWAYS a blast there, with some interesting drink selections, GREAT music, etc.

I love it there!!! You’ll have fun!


I agree with Wish-8-Trax is a blast!! I do hope that they keep the Adventurer’s club!!


Is it realistic to do 8-Trax and Mannequins?

DW and I are a sucker for some of the good dance disco from the 70’s as well as more contemporary stuff.

But honestly, we’ll dance to anything with a good beat.


Why not do it all? You’re at Disney! Go dance floor hopping!! :tongue:


It’s a very realistic goal to club hop. They’re all so close together and small. I think it’d be harder to limit yourself to one club.


I’m such a goon. I finally went to the Disney site and now I KNOW what we’ll be doing. It actually sounds like Mannequins will be at the bottom of our list:

8-Trax: Boogie oogie oogie to this '70s and ‘80s club for all your retro dancing favorites. If you love to get down to the Bee Gees, Donna Summer and the Village People, keep on truckin’ over to 8 Trax.

That sounds AWESOME!!! We will DEFINATELY be dancing there.

BET Soundstage™ Club – Bust a move on over to this two-story soundstage environment and head on down to the dance floor. The DJ spins phat tunes from the latest hip hop to old school R&B favorites. Get your groove on!

I’m not sure how well DW and I can bust a move, but dancing to the Temptations back to back with Black Eyed Peas sounds great to me.

Mannequins Dance Palace – Go for a spin at this pulsing, flashing, energizing dance club. The huge floor actually rotates as you gyrate to booming sounds of techno trance tunes. It’s a dance revolution!

I think it’s worth a shot, but I’m not sure we’ll fit into a techno crowd. Should I bring a pocket full of light sticks? :laugh:


Good choice, I like 8-Trax better than Mannequins. I think you guys’ll have a great time.


I hope they keep Mannequins around!!


8-Trax sounds great! I’m the same age as you are, and that would be my pick.

So… what’s wrong with DS’s godfather if he’s still single? :wink:


Hey, he’s only 37…


Getting back to the subject at hand, I say go to AC. You can dance anywhere, but getting to go to the AC is something altogether different…

And besides, with the purchase of that ticket to get into the AC, you can still get into the discos on that same ticket!


Women! :pinch:


And yet you have to admit that I DO have a point! :cool: