Pleasure island question


Ok, so I have read a bunch of suff on the closing but either I am blocking the information or haven’t read the right info.

Question: Is there any clubs left on pleasure island?
Is there and dancing left on plasure island?
If not is there any other dance club locations in the world?


As far as I’ve heard, Pleasure Island is no more…no more clubs, no more partying :sad:.
If there are other ‘clubs’ around, that I’m not sure.


Yup no more Pleasure Island…

The only “clubs” are over by Boardwalk… Jellyrolls and Atlantic Dance Hall, I believe


Unfortunately, Atlantic Dance Hall on the boardwalk is the last club left for dancing at WDW…unless you count the Cuban Cafe next to Virgin Megastore, since on weekends they have salsa nights.


There is also Rix in Coronado Springs


So,anybody know when all the changes will be done at PI?


It’ll be a while. Gotta make way for the new restaurants and shopping places.


The Latin Restaurant is supposed to open sometime late this year (although I am trying to figure out where, since there was no signage up) and there seems to be a food court opening next to the lake. Based on the timeline for the opening of the latin restaurant, I am guessing it would go into the former country club, since they originally served food. I think the BET club originally served food so it could go there also.

My guess that the rest is going to be put hold (if they even have prelim) plans until the economy improves.


I just wanted to say…I miss the Adventurer’s Club… :wub: