Pleasure Island Renovations


I was this last weekend, and I can say WOW :ohmy:

I had read on the boards about the renovations but… The entire waterfront side of the central street is blocked off exept for the entrances to the Clubs. Some distruction has also occurred on that side.

Where the west side stage was, they are building a new bridge so you will no longer have to go up the stairs or the elevator. The style is like the existing bridges. I am guessing they will be putting the T-Rex between the comedy club and the new bridge. Overall I think doing the bridge this way is better for traffic flow between the West Side and the Market Place.

If you are a regular visitor I would say wait until this all unfolds before going back, unless you want to visit a particular club (like the Adventurer’s Club).

It should be interesting with what we end up with.


Are there any pictures available? It sounds like they’re making some confusing changes!


I’m must upset they got rid of the West End Stage. I’m gonna miss Frankie and the West End Boys. They ROCKED!


do you know anything about the closing of disney quest and they will put up the Espn zone.


when is all this supposed to be done?


Sorry didn’t take pictures and I am not too sure they would be too enlightening, except for the new bridge at the WestEnd. Let me try to describe it…

The changes so far are not too confusing. First remove the westend stage. Then between the existing bridge between the Westside and the waterfront they have built a new bridge that is essentially a ramp up to where you would watch shows that happened on the Westend stage. The “courtyard” in front of BET, Adventurer’s Club and the Comedy Club is still there and obviously not going anywhere. When I first started reading about some of these changes I got concerned because I think part of the Adventurer’s Club is under this courtyard.

Now if you walk down from the courtyard towards the Rock and Roll beach club. On the left is where there were various shops and a counter service restaurant (hot dog joint if I remember correctly). These are barricaded off with tall fencing that had tarp on them. There is serious work being done here. On the other side of the street there is some barricades but that is about all that is going on at this time.

I hope this make it a little clearer


The last I’d heard, they are leaving DisneyQuest alone. As for the ESPNZone, nobody’s heard anything about that.


I sure hope they leave DisneyQuest alone. ESPN Zone is great, but it’s so much more adult-oriented. I mean, I want to be able to take my kids to DisneyQuest and not have to worry about adults walking around drinking alcohol.

I go to ESPN Zone for fun, myself. But I wouldn’t want to take kids there. If they put one in, I hope they put it somewhere else.


DisneyQuest is staying where it is. ESPN Zone is staying on the Boardwalk. They won’t be doing anything with either one. Also, both Adventurer’s Club and Comedy Club are safe. There are no plans to get rid of them at all. Good thing since they’re the only reason an older crowd goes to PI at all. My understanding is that Disney is trying to attract more college age folks to PI who normally go the the Orlando clubs.

As for how it looks at the moment…think war zone


i am glad to hear DQ is staying where it is. we always have a good time there…