Pleasure Island West Stage Demolition On Hold


According to Mouseplanet (see the last paragraph):

Pleasure Island will host two special party events in February. On February 10, 11 and 14, the Island will host Sweetheart Island, with Cupid roaming the streets, “Love Prophets” foretelling guests’ romantic futures in the West End Plaza and loads of heart-shaped balloons and feather banners.

And once again, the Island will celebrate Fat Tuesday with the Parti Gras party on February 24, 25 and 28. Special entertainment will include the “Krewe of Confusion” and the “World’s Dinkiest Mardi Gras Parade.” Jester heads and giant beads will be the decor du jour.

Because of the special events, demolition of the West End Stage has been put on hold, so that The Leonard Brothers can perform during the Sweetheart Island celebration and Doo Wah Riders can do the same for Parti Gras.

I wonder when it will be ‘off-hold’?