Pleasure island


Going to WDW in Januuary, and my wife and I may actually have a chance to go to Pleasure Island for one night. We have no ideas as to what there is, how much $ $ or even what is there. We are both middle age, if that makes any difference, but what the heck… it is Disney! Any one with any info or ideas they may care to pass along?


I can tell you about Pleasure Island!

We have seven clubs, 5 dance and two comedy.
The dance clubs are Motion (Top-40, probably are most popular), Rock and Roll Beach Club (Rock and Roll music with a live band every night), Mannequins Dance Palace (Techno with the largest revolving dance floor in the southeast), 8-Trax (70’s and 80’s music, the best and the worst) and BET Soundstage (Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, great views of the Marina).

There is also the Comedy Warehouse (Improv Comedy with several shows a night) and The Adventures Club (an ongoing, interactive, off-beat, comedy show, themed like a 1930s Adventure Club always having a membership drive).

There is a free nightly preview of the Adventures Club from 7pm-9pm. Comedy Warehouse has different show times throughout the night, and they just changed weekend times so I could not tell you off the top of my head. Your best bet is to stop by and peak at the seating times when you arrive. The weekday seating times (when doors open) are 8:05, 9:10, 10:15 and 11:45. The show clubs close earlier than dance clubs and will be closed by 1pm at the latest.

8-Trax and Rock and Roll Beach Club open at 8 pm with the other three dance clubs opening at 9 pm. Last call is at 1:30 am, the clubs close at 1:45 and Pleasure Island closes at 2:00 am.

It takes a while for the clubs to fill up, maybe 11:30 or midnight. We reccomend checking out a comedy show or two in the early evening. Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest evenings.

You are also welcome to just walk around Pleasure Island. We have a live broadcast of “PI Live” every evening outside all the clubs, so there is always music. You can also catch the stilt-walkers and jumpers earlier in the evening. You are free to walk around with your drinks, in and out of clubs, we just ask that you do not take alcohol off the island.

Finally, there are two ticket options (unless you get fun visits on your theme park tickets). A single dance club ticket is $10.60. It give you access to one of the dance clubs, but not a comedy club. For $22.32 you can get a multi-club ticket that gives you access to all 7 clubs all night long. You can “club-hop non-stop” as we like to say. Also if you decide that you love it that much for $5 you can add 5 more nights on your multi-club ticket.

And I see all ages at Pleasure Island. No one is out of place or too young or old to have fun.

Whew! Is that understandable? Any more questions? Bring em on!


Can you tell us more about the Adventurer’s Club? When is a good time/day of the week to go? I’ve seen a few pictures of it and I’d love to go check it out.


The Unofficial Guide gives a pretty good review of the clubs. lists prices.


Adventurers’ Club is fantastic. :happy:



Do not miss The Adventurer’s Club!:laugh:


The best part of going to the Adventurer’s Club is not knowing what to expect. Take our word for it and try it out. They will guide you through when you get there.


The neatest thing about Adventurer’s Club is that the audience gets to become part of the show. Each performer plays a character and interacts with the guests during the evening both during shows and in-between. In case you’re getting the impression that it’s my favorite spot on PI, that’s because it is! Kungaloosh!!!


“Marching along we’re Adventurers…”

Go, have fun, enjoy. They haven’t lost a inductee yet - you’ll love it.:biggrin:


I’m 38… so I think DH and I qualify as middle aged… LOL… Definitley hit the Aventurer’s Club and stay for the show…it is hillarious… While you are waiting for the next seating at the show…hang out in the main lounge and enjoy the antics of the club members and learn the club’s song and secret handshake and all… very entertaining…

Also make sure not to miss the Comedy show… if you like to watch Who’s Line Is It Anyway? You’ll enjoy this improv show… it is seriously funny…

Our favorite, the WDW Jazz Company was removed a few years ago… and is now home of the newly opened Raglan Road upscale Irish pub… I’m told the food here is good… we are scheduled to eat there as a family for our upcoming trip… I’d say it it is worth a look…

You may get a kick out of 8-Trax which is a disco 70s/80s kind of place… if you don’t like some place…you simply don’t stay…you just pop along to the next place… But don’t miss the Comedy show or the Aventurer’s Club, in my opinon those are the best places there…

Now that we have little ones (aged 2, 4 and 6 for this year’s trip) we dont’ get to take advantage of these fun escapes…


I LOVE Pleasure Island! My favorite place is 8-Trax! If you love to dance the night away…and you loved the 70’s - this is a don’t miss! I’ve tried the others, but they just won’t do. :blush:


Unless they’ve changed something, be aware that the price to go to the AC is the same price as a pass to get into all the places in PI.

or, at least, that’s what it was not too long ago…