Pleasure Island


My 21 year old sister is joining my family to Disney on Thursday. She really wants to do the clubs at Pleasure Island since last time we were there she was too young. I haven’t been to a club in probably 8 years. My husband is staying back at FW with the kids. He thinks we will be too tired to go out (he’s probably right, but it is my sisterly duty!) I need help! What do I wear? Which club is good for the younger crowd? What time do the clubs start “hopping”? We will be there Thursday- Monday. Any night better than another? Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!!


I may not be able to answer all parts of your question, but feel comfortable with most of it. As to what clubs a younger person would want (this is where I am shaky, as Sharon and I are in our late 40’s and mid 50’s). I would say that Motion and Mannequins (both open at 9 pm) would be the best bet. That being said, we frequent 8-Trax and Rock N Roll Beach Club. Both play 70’s and 80’s music. Both are also packed with young people having a great time.

As to what to wear, we wear casual clothes. Mostly pants and polo type shirt. There are times (depending on when you go, that shorts are fine also). Most of the clubs don’t start ‘hopping’ until around 9:30 / 10:00.

As to the best night to go? Thursday, Friday and Saturday seem to be the busiest nights. Thursday night seems also to be CM night (both at PI and Jelly Rolls over at the Board Walk). No matter when you go, it is a good time.

Oh, our favorite club is the Comedy Warhouse, which is fun for all.


I believe Mannequins gets the vote for most popular among the younger crowd, from every review I’ve read. Most of the clubs in PI end up pretty packed with young people after 10pm though, so hopping around and seeing which one fits your style is always a good idea!

Thursday is generally busier than other nights, because as timsha said, it’s CM night.

Dress code isn’t really an issue…most people are in jeans/nice tees, etc. Dress in whatever is going to be comfortable for you and keep you cool when the club gets packed! (I like jeans and a tank top, but a light sweater you can keep nearby is always a good idea just in case it’s chilly when you’re leaving.)

Personally most of the dance clubs are just “not for me” so I can’t give definitive reviews of them. I can’t resist PI thought because I LOVE Comedy Warehouse! It’s a blast! Definitely encourage your sister to give this a try…you can always catch one of the earlier shows and then move onto the dance clubs later. Or, start dancing early in the evening and go to CW when your feet need a break. :happy: Remember to get to CW early…lines for the next show begin as soon as the one before it ends!