"plus" options on park hoppers -- still good?


Hi!! I have 3 old park hopper “plus” tickets from 2004 that still have all the plus options on them. Does anyone know if these will still be any good??? We were thinking of going to Disney Quest…!

Also…how can you find out how many pluses are on there?? I don’t remember how many came with the tix…they were 7 day park hopper plus if anyone out there knows how many pluses came with those in 2004!!

Thanks in advance for any information!! :tongue:


They should still be good. Once you get to WDW you can check at guest services at your WDW resort or park. Sorry I can’t remember how many pluses came with the passes.


Thanks anyway…I was just hoping to save a little time…but, we will check at guest services! Glad to hear they will still be good!


They will definitely still be good! Last trip, I used PLUS OPTIONS from tickets that are 7 years old! And I still have options left!!!


We have 5 day Park Hoppers from 2004 with a plus left that we’re planning to use to go to BB in June. Our 5 day Hoppers had 2 pluses, so I’m thinking the 7 day may have had 3 pluses.


That would be great!! At least we will have two…! Thanks!