PO French Quarter or Riverside?


We’re planning a trip to WDW over Thanksgiving. We’ve stayed at POR in the past, but not for two years. I’m hearing that the rooms in Riverside are looking pretty “worn”. Also that all room renovations at FQ were completed last year. Ideas? Any reason for concern or is POR still great.


If you have already stayed at riverside, go for french quarter. I stayed there this past october and loved it! I like how small the resort is. Your room is close to all the main things no matter which building you are staying at. That and you are the first to be picked up and dropped off with the buses and boats to DTD. There is only one bus stop…that’s how small it is. I don’t know about you, but I like smallish resorts. I hate walking a mile to get a soda or get to a bus stop.


THANKS - The other side of the family prefers POR but we’re partial to FQ. Have you heard anything about room renovations at POR?


No, I haven’t heard anything about that. Doesn’t mean it isn’t going on, but I haven’t heard it. The POFQ rooms were done not that long ago. I think they are on par with that of a deluxe resort…easily.


If just for the bus I’d go with POFQ.


We’ve stayed at both POR & POFQ in the last 3 years. POFQ is done w/ renovations. I think the Mansion section in POR was being renovated after FQ, but I’m not sure if they’re done. I personally prefer POFQ.

Like Dana posted, it’s a much smaller resort and everything is within walking distance. Just watch out for the attack bird in the courtyard outside the food court. Got my DH a couple of times. I like to meander down the little “streets”, through the resort at night. If you take a walk at night near building 1 by the Sassagoula, you may smell the night jasmine blooming. Also, loved, loved the one and only bus stop.


We just stayed at POR a month ago. Didn’t find anything that special. We spent more time over at the Poly it seemed. Maybe we’re just spoiled.


We were there last Dec. and the rooms seemed did not seem worn at all. We stayed in the mansion section, if that helps.


When we stayed at POR for our first ever WDW trip the resort was amazing and Id definatly stay there again. We took a trip to POFQ during our stay but it just didn’t have the same feeling. Everything at the POR is so picturesqe and calming, perfect after a busy day at the parks. We styed in tha mansion’s (Paterre Place I think) and our building was a 2 second walk from the bridge that leads to the main building. We had a pool in the building next to us plus the landrette.
Having never stayed at POFQ im always going to vote for the POR. The resort really is perfect and as for the bus thing it never really bothered us that much they could be very crowded to get there for parkopening but you were on the bus for such a short time you’d hardly notice it. I suppose you could always get the boat to POFQ and get on the bus fom there if it was going to be such a big problem but Im not sure how early the boat starts running.

Whatver resort you choose make sure you take the boat to DTD and back, especially as it starts to get dark because the sunsetting views are spectacular!!


Just got back for POR yesterday and the only renovations that we saw going on was the roof of the building where you check in. The rest was BEAUTIFUL and would stay there again in a minute. Ask for building 14, close to everything.


I love POR…the bus/boat situation is not bad at all…no matter which one you stay at, be sure to see Piano Bob in the POR lounge one night!! He’s GREAT…a must see every trip for us.


To me, the differences between POR and POFQ are kind of a toss-up. :confused: I consider POFQ a little more couples-oriented, and POR a little more family-oriented…but other than that, I think they’re both beautiful and I think Disney is doing some fairly regular renovations on them so they should both look great!

If I HAD to pick, I would pick FQ…just for its size (or lackthereof). :happy:


I have not been to PO since we stayed at Dixie Landings in 00’, but I have to say, it was very beautiful!!! Very “Southern charm-ish”! I think that is the Riverside side now, correct?


I say if you stayed at POR already, go with POFQ. :cool: