POC to close MARCH 1, 2006


Allearsnet.com is reporting a closing date of March 1st- BOO HOO! We are going to be there March 4th… I am not happy!!! My children love this ride and so do their parents… I know that they are necessary, but I do not like ride closures- at all!
Thinking back, did they always do this (like in the 80’s)??? Close rides down? I cannot remember…


Im sorry :crying: you can always check the disneyworld.com site to verify.


So sorry it’ll be closed during your trip.

Is this when they’re adding Sparrow? Or just regular maintenance?


thats too bad, but on a better note - you’ll be in WDW on MY birthday! March 4th baby! lol



My friend is taking her family for the first time in November and I know her DS woulda loved this!!! :nonono2: :frown:


It was reported that is when there updating the ride with Sparrow and Barbosa


With all that magic floating around, you’d think Disney could do upgrades overnight.

Now you’ll just have to plan another trip to check out the upgrades.


Wow! We are going to just make it in the nick of time, then!!!

We went a couple of years ago, just before they installed FP for PoC… and the liens were so long every day that we never got to ride!

We had NEVER, EVER seen long lines for PoC before that trip!!!


thanks for the info MissDisney.


I really wish they’d leave it alone…


me too Erin.:mickey:


Same here. I’m nervous that the changes are going to take away from the original ride.



I just put two and two together. I’m not going till March 28th!
I won’t get to see it untill it’s done :sad: pooh!


Me too!!!
I don’t mind as long as they just add an animatronic or two…I really hope they don’t revamp the layout of the ride or anything!


Just as long as they put in a Elizabeth Swan AA figure… :wink:

But hanwill…look at the bright side. You will have a new and exciting PotC to look forward to on your next trip… Glass half full…right? :wink:


Does anyone know when it is scheduled to re-open?
We love POC!


Just found it myself…will reopen June 24.

:crying: We’re going to miss it this year!


I know that it will give me something to come back for (don’t need anything to change for that to happen), but I was hoping to see it one last time before it is changed. We sing, “yo ho yo ho” all the time. I am a little surprised that they would time the rehab so that it is closed in the middle of summer… Oh well!!!


I can definitely understand wanting to see it one last time before it changed. That’s something I always regretted when they took WoM away from me… :crying:


:eek: :eek: :crying: :crying: :pirate:
This stinks… We love POC I cant understand why its going to take them over 3 months to make the changes? And Im really surprised with “Spring Break” right around the corner that they would have POC closed…
Just doesnt make sense to me at all…

But hey thanks for letting us know…