Pocahontas & her Forest Friends is closing


Allears.net is reporting that Pocahontas and her Forest Friends is closing on 9/27/2008. No word on a replacement. Pocahontas and her Forest Friends



Oh no! Does this mean the rat is out of a job?:crying:

We only went once (our kids were a little too old for it). They weren’t too impressed, but I guess little kids enjoyed it. Too bad.


Thanks for that info Bruce.
We have never been to this show. I will have to put it on our list for August.


there are no plans to replace the show. i wonder what they are going to do with all that space? let the rumors begin


Ah… that is too bad… I don’t think I have ever seen it.


My DD didn’t enjoy it either (she’s 4 1/2). Maybe because she can see most of the same animals in our backyard?


I am with everyone else. We done it once and it was okay.


I’ve never even had a desire to see that…I hope it’s replaced with someone awesome.


Done it once and it was ok but I can’t remember doing it since our first ever WDW trip! I hope they find something pretty good to replace it with! Will have to give it one last look in Aug!


Interesting…never really heard good or bad reviews about from members here. I do know that the unofficial guide has always slammed the attraction, but have never done it myself…totally uninterested to tell you the truth.


uh did it when Ak first opened it and well never again … I was also one who hated tarzan though …


It was cute once. Even my 8 yr old DD didn’t want to see it a second time.


I agree with everyone that said once was plenty. We went on our first visit on 2003 when DD was 6. The kids never asked to do it again and honestly, it was not that memorable. I hope they do something great with the space.


Have to agree with everyone else. Once was enough.:pinch:


Noooooooooooooooooo! We :heart: this show! It’s so sweet with all the animals and the great message it send to the kids. The meet and greet with Pocahontas after too.

My DDs are going to be so disappointed! They love this one!! The always walk around singing “Colors of the wind” when they are done watching it!

I know they just started a “see how we train the animals” but I guess it must have low attendance . . . boo, I’m sad now! :frown:


I had never seen this. DH saw it once and refuses to go agin. Oh well, looks like I will never see it now.


I never wanted to see this show, once I found out that there’s a rat involved.


It was boring even to my kids. However, once we were selected as AK family of the day, and they had us stay after the show and bring out a couple of animals for the kids to see. They got an autograph from Pocahontas as well.

I still don’t know why Tarzan Rocks got canceled :mad:


Well, as long as they still have Pocahontas at the character greets…SHE’S SMOKING HOT! :biggrin:

And that’s coming from a decendant of a Jamestown survivor!


We went once, weren’t too impressed. I was glad we did it but didn’t think it was worth going back a second time. I wonder what they’ll replace it with???