Podcast from Disney!


Podcast from Disney

Here some info on how to get the New Monthly Podcast from Disney. Here is what you need to receive Podcast on your computer and it is free.

If you are new to Pod Casting you will need a Pod cast Program on your computer. I believe you should have a high speed internet connection for this to work. Here is a site that you can down load a Free PodCast Program for Windows only from Wimpyplayer.com. Sorry Mac users I know of some programs for Mac but have not been able to use them myself so I can not recommend them as of now.


After you go to this site click on the Windows Logo on the right below where it says “Download Podcast Amp” It is a small program and will download in about a minute.
I would recommend downloading it to your desktop so it is easy to find. The file name is “Wimpy_Podcast_Amp.zip”

Now find the file on your computer and click on it. It is a zipped file so you may see a window open that will let you unzip and install the program. Most computers now have a unzip program on them already but if you do not have one that lets you unzip zipped files you can get one for free at this site. Just click on “Download WinZip”


After installing “Wimpy Podcast Amp” it will open for your first try. You will also have a shortcut for it on your desktop.

Now you see the “Wimpy Podcast Amp”.

To add the feed from Disney this is what you need to do.

Click on the tab that reads “New Feed” This will open a window that gives you places to add info. First is “Title” You may add what you like to here so you know what it is. Then there is “Feed” here is what you need copy into this line. Do not click on this line it goes to text only. http://disneyland.disney.go.com/disneyland/en_US/rss/podcast/disneylandresort50th

You can add anything you want in the “Graphic” line but I leave mine blank for now.

Here is what you need for the “Website” line,

Now you can add any “XLM” link in under “New Feed” tab anytime for both Live and Past Podcast.

Both the Disney site (last link above) and the Wimpyplayer.com site (first link above) have good information about Podcasting if you would like to learn more.

Some Podcast are free and some require a fee or membership.

I have this on my personal computer and it seems to be a good free program.

I know this seems like a lot but it takes less than 5 minutes from start of download to listening about the 50th Celebration at Disney Land. Enjoy!


Don’t feel sorry for us…us Mac users have had the Official Disney Podcast (including the 50th) for months thru itunes :mickey:

Download itunes for www.apple.com\itunes

Install it

Run it and go to the itunes music store. Select podcast. browse to Disney. Subscribe.

I would like to know what they offer thru the wimpyplayer.


This is the Start Of the Monthly Disney Podcast.

The others were test in May and June to see how well it was received.

Link to info:

They offer nothing extra thru the Wimpyplayer.com which is what I like about it.

The reason I recommend Wimpy Player is it is a very basic free XLM player/receiver. That will work with all Podcast not just the ones in conjunction with itunes.

With Windows itunes installs some adware like programs on your computer that may get caught up in your virus scans then making itunes unusable. This I know from first hand experience. :eek:

It would have been very easy for me to post the same post as you did but I wanted to make sure that I tried it out before making a recommendation for Windows users. :smile: :wink:


Huh I have never had a problem with itunes installing adware or getting caught in virus scans.

You can add podcast to itunes not listed on itms by the way.

Glad you found something that works for you! :mickey:

(I converted DG I will convert you :laugh: )


You guys are cute.

I wish I had a high speed internet connection.


I have worked on Mac’s daily for over 10 years and would never change from them for the work I do, but I do still have PC’s at home and seem to find some…lets just say strange issues with them that are not supposed to be there…like from IE to Firefox. :wink:


ooooh I LOVE the Disney Podcasts! I have all of them on my iPod, they’re great to listen to in the car.
The last minute book reports are so funny! way to ruin the story lol :stuck_out_tongue: