POFQ 1st Timers - Any Helpful Hints/Suggestions


My DH and I were lucky enough to have our great kids give us a surprise 6N stay Oct 20 - 26 at the POFQ for our 30th Anniversary!! I’m still in a state of shock! Since we have never stayed there was wondering if anyone have any pointers for us novices?


Beignets for breakfast! :smile: Make sure you have some - yummy!!

POFQ is a super fun resort, great pool and theming - plus the boat to DTD!


OMG that is wonderful!!!

POFQ is my fave moderate. It is so small and intimate. They have a cute pool and hot tub area. They do not have a sit-down restaurant but DtD is just a short boat ride away!

Get Bignets…they are awesome!




We love FQ. I have been there 2 times and we are going back in Oct. It is a very relaxing resort. I love the theme and how easy it is to get from one place to another. :heart::heart:


Your children have great taste. They picked in my viewpoint the best Moderate. The resort is just beautiful, and not crazy busy or loud. The boat is great to get back and forth to DTD. It’s been a while since we stayed there, but the last time there was this fantastic musician at the bar area that played every single instrument known to man. Just great entertainment. Hope he’s still there for you to enjoy.


What great kids! My husband took me to our Condo Annual Meeting for our 30th.:dry: From our kids? Ummm - nothing.:dry:

You’ll LOVE POFQ. It’s definitely the nicest and quietest of all the mods. It’s even sort of ROMANTIC. You can take the walk along the river to POR. You can take the boat to the Marketplace. There are beautiful little “squares” all through it and it’s SMALL! Actually I haven’t stayed there in years, but I remember loving it.


As the others have stated its a great resort. It is small and feels so private. The boat to DTD is nice too. This is my Dfamily’s favorite resort. Congratulations on 30 yrs!! Have a wonderful time :slight_smile:


guess I’m going to repeat - definitely get the Bignets, and early in your trip so you know to get more LOL

and yes on the boat to DTD, and wait for the boat to come back. the bus is actually longer, hotter and stinks! The boat is so relaxing.

I loved POFQ when we stayed last year. It’s wonderful to have no lines for the buses when you leave the parks, compared to value resorts


It’s my fav. also! Have a great time and Happy Anniversary! The boat is great, the whole size of the resort is wonderful and peaceful.


Congratulations! POFQ is one of our favorites! Take the boat to DTD. Enjoy a romatic carriage ride through POFQ and over to POR. Sit in the Lounge in the evening and enjoy some Jazz music. And make sure to try the beignets! Have a great time!!


Since you say it is easy to get from place to place then I assume there is no bad building to stay in? I am getting a King Bed room, should I make any additional requests?



last year was our first visit to POFQ… you will love it.
all building are good we got building 5 last year perfect for the food court, bus stop and pool… not forgetting the fantastic hot tub when you come back from the parks late at night… its open til around midnight although no-one gets kicked out.:sleeping:


I forget what number our building was - we were the far left in the front. I loved that building because we were sooooooo close to the bus stop. It was great after a long day at the parks! Of course with it being a small resort, all have just a short walk.


this is the first time for us also… we will be there the 23 to the 30th… it is our 29th anniversary…


We stayed there on our Honeymoon many years ago, and have stayed a few times since. It is a small quaint resort. As others have said, and it is true, you will love it. Only a food court there, but POR, its sister resort, has a sit down restaurant, and is a very short walk. Only one bus stop to worry about, and great river transportation to DtD. ENJOY!!!


They also have a small lounge / bar, with entertainment. Nice to have a drink and relax after a long day in the parks.