POFQ buildings


This is the first time we have stayed at POFQ, we usually stay at Riverside( it still Dixie Landing to us ). Do the building have elevators, I don’t remember seeing any when we took stroll down there. Just wondering in case we get a room on the third floor. My right knee give me trouble coming down stairs and it might be easier if they did.


I’m pretty sure only deluxe resorts have the elevator. You can try and request a 1st floor room tho! =]


Hi…we have stayed at POFQ several times…and just got back from there last week…

All FQ buildings have elevators…they are around the corners where you don’t see them as you stroll thru but they are there…

Riverside has elevators in the Magnolia Bend section, but not in Alligator Bayou section for some reason…

But yes all FQ buildings have elevators…if you have any other FQ questions let me know…as I said…we’ve stayed there several times now and it’s our favorite resort…:smile:


Pop Century had elevators…and Coronado springs another moderate had elevators…I think most all the resorts have buildings with elevators…:smile:


I’m sure you will not be disappointed with POFQ we love it elevators at every building - only the one pool (no quiet pools)

We don’t like the food court décor but the food is nice.

building 4 is our favourite close to the food court, pool and bus depot :heart::wub:


Most of the resorts have elevators. POR only has them in some buildings and CBR has none. All of the values have them.


Every building that I have stayed in in FQ has elevators!! It’s riverside that only has them in Magnolia Bend…


FQ has elevators- I have used them. Not all of POR does. I needed one when we stayed there, and there was not one…


The only negative I can say about FQ and the elevators is that some rooms are a good walk from them. Otherwise all the buildings do have them like everyone says and if you get a chance to tour the property early in the morning, there are some amazing touches to that whole property. Beautiful place and a really pleasant walk to get coffee early in the morning.


With the buildings all being three floors, they all have elevators at FQ, unlike the Alligator Bayou where you’re in trouble if you have trouble with stairs if you don’t have a ground floor room. (And sometimes, even when you specifically tell them at check in that you NEED ground floor as you stand before the CM on crutches, they still put you in the AB section on the second floor!)

I’ve run into the far from room elevator problem at a few other Disney resorts.
CSR comes to mind right away, at least Casitas 1-3. Parts of the AKL, YC, BC, and especially BWI are pretty bad too for a lot of rooms.


Thanks guys, appreciated the information. Looking to our trip next month only 37 days to go. Plus if I try all the beers in Epcot I’m pretty sure that I won’t feel my knee to much.


…I don’t think I mentioned it here, but I did in my trip report—(I was the one who stayed at POFQ two weeks ago :smile:)—they have changed the way they “rate” buildings at FQ now. It used to be that you paid for a standard, garden, or a water view with the price going up for each. Buildings 5 and 2 used to be considered standard facing the pool and garden facing the other way with waterview on the end.

Now buildings 5 and 2 are no longer standard for any rooms—at least that’s what the CM at reception told us. I always have requested and gotten 5 or 2 but no longer. We are only in the room to sleep so I see no need to pay for upgrades there.

What I could not get from the CM was a plain straight answer as to which buildings were which category. We were considered a standard room, and we were over in building 1 but we faced the garden. I’m not sure how the rooms are ranked now so good luck.

The new princess rooms have thrown things off a bit I guess, but I also think they have come to realize that buildings 5 and 2 are the closest to things and most requested—so why not charge more for them. I guess I can’t blame them for that.

Luckily, FQ is not spread out very far so any room is not a bad room—it’s just that we stayed farther away from the bus stop and food court than we ever have this last trip.

Enjoy FQ—