POFQ, Caribbean Beach or Coronado Springs


I have stayed @ POFQ before and loved it - can anyone tell me if they stayed at any of the above and which one the love the best. It will be my DH and DD…Thanks!


I have stayed at POFQ and CS. Loved them both,:heart: but I would pick POFQ because of the size. You can walk to everything in 5 minutes. CS has the better pool. I think POFQ pool and slide are a bit over-rated. You can’t go wrong with either. Sorry never been to CB:happy:


I have stayed at CB, twice. Some of the rooms have been recently refurbed to a pirate theme. I have never been in the new rooms, though. Here are the pictures:


The food court there is really nice and big. There gift shop also has some good stuff.

The pool was refurbed too. Very nice. It has a slide (I think, the last time I was there it was there, but I don’t know if they took it out), a hot tub, and a children’s ship play area.

You can’t go wrong with CB. Just request a building close to the main area.


they are all fun… I would suggest the POFQ…just for the atmosphere.


Stayed at Caribbean Beach in 2006 - it was very nice but very big and we managed to get lost in and out of all the paths, We would not choose to stay there again, but some of the room have had a referb and the pool has just had a make over.

We are staying at POFQ in September due largely to all the raving comments on MouseBuzz.


I’ve stayed at all three and my favorite is CBR. Yes, the resort is big; it’s laid out very much like CS, but I just love the theming of it. Ask for a room in Martinique building 26, you’ll be close to a bus stop, Old Port Royale (food court and store) and the main pool. It’s an awesome resort IMO.


First off, welcome to MB! you will meet lots of great people here, and finds lots of information for your trips. We have stayed at all 3 of the resorts. Our favorite is POFQ. It is small and quaint, and easy to get around.

We have not stayed at CB since they refurbished some of the rooms into a pirate theme, and they also redid the pool. CS just never hit us as a place that we wanted to go back to.

While POFQ does share a bus with POR, it is the first stop and first to get dropped off. We found the food court to be nice. You really can not go wrong with any of them. Just a matter of preference.


We have stayed @ Port Orleans RS and FQ, and we have stayed @ CBR. We love the CBR, we are staying there again this year. If you do stay @ CBR ask to stay @ Aruba or Jamica!


Welcome back to MouseBuzz!

We love POFQ for the small-ish size. I didn’t think we would like the theme at all but we really fell in love with it.


We’ve stayed at FQ and CBR. Probably won’t stay at CBR again due to the fact of so many bus stops. We had 6 stops in total each time we went on the bus. Not sure if that was the norm, or because it was during busy time, but it got old fast. I wanted to get to the parks, not tour the resorts parking lots each time.


My sister and I usually stay at POFQ and just love it. The theme is great. Last October we stayed at CBR. We now have 2 resorts we love. If you stay at CBR ask for rooms in Jamaica. They are the first ones picked up for the parks. You can see the fireworks at EPCOT from the main pool area. We will be back to POFQ the week after Thanksgiving this year. Hope you enjoy which ever resort you choose.


What time of year would you be going?


I’ve never stayed at POFQ, but I loved both CS and CB. The theme at both resorts is great.


POFQ is great.


I like POFQ very much. It is small and home like. I love the boat to DTD:smile:


I vote for POFQ, it is super nice and relaxing. Welcome to MB!!!


CSR is my family favorite! I don’t know if it will work for you but pick which resort theme you like best and which resort amenities meet your family’s needs. Also, check out my CSR website below for updated info and pics.

Here is just some quick info on CSR.

CSR has newly renovated rooms (about half done as of 3/2009) and queen beds (only mod to offer them).

A terrific main pool area that includes a 123 ft slide (2nd largest at WDW), kiddie pool, arcade, playground, sand volleyball court, hot tub (largest on WDW property), a bar, and snack bar (very good food for CS).

Reliable transportation that is not shared with other resorts, 4 resort stops and quick rides to all the parks. CSR has the closest bus stops to the park entrances too (first stop at DHS and MK)!

Other amenities you may be looking for in a resort.

Only moderate to offer suites.

A spa, salon, tanning beds, a lap pool and fitness center (free to its guests).

Full menu room service, expensive though.

Central air, flat panel TV’s and WiFi available.

Rix Lounge – a dance club voted most trendy bar in Orlando.

A business center with computer access.


CBR is definitely my fave. I like the large size. It makes it feel more secluded and private. As long as you pick the right “island” you can be far enough away from Old Port Royale to not hear the noise from the pool but close enough that the walk is short (Aruba and Jamaica). There is a private pool for each island that is rarely busy IME, even in summer months. The buses run frequently and there is a bus stop at every island.


I have only ever stayed at CBR out of your choices and I was taken ill so I feel it rather coloured my view of this as a resort.
POFQ if anything like POR I think would be my choice, its a lovely resort even though I’ve only ever visited there.


We had the same trouble when we stayed at CBR. We really enjoy staying at CSR.