POFQ - disrepair?


Hi have heard some grumblings about POFQ. can anyone tell me what the state of that resort is now? We haven’t stayed there in about 3 years and would like to go back if it’s as great as ever.


Here’s a link to a very recent thread that has lots of comments that will help!



I was there in April. Our room was clean and in real good shape. The grounds are immaculate. Absolutely love this resort.


Thanks, I’m really hoping to stay there this next time but was advised that it was in getting to be in bad shape. Want to be sure it’s still great before I make a switch. I really love this resort and would hate to not be at that one.


I have noticed that there will always be grumblings about a resort for one reason or another. I’m heading there any way in August for my third stay. They really are my only choice for a moderate resort. I just recently stayed at CSR and while it was nice, it just wasn’t a vacation spot for me. the convention center makes it feel like a work spot over fun…CBR is always an option, but so big as is POR…at least to big for me to feel comfortable with my DD exploring without me sending out a rescue mission when she gets lost.:laugh:


My parents were there in November and said it was beautiful. We are heading there again in March and I have absolutely no worries. Their pool just had a minor refurbishment late last fall. I don’t think Disney would allow any of their resorts to fall into disrepair. It’s just not their style.:happy:


When you are open every day of every single year, refurbs must happen. As you implied, Disney is always good about getting on them quicker than chain motels etc. would. They try to keep everything as magical as possible every day…everything wears over time…no different then our own homes.


we just returned from a wonderful week at POFQ. it was beautiful and i did not notice any disrepair. our room was lovely and housekeeping was excellent. (i am a bit of a neat freak/ clean freak…so i don’t use the word “excellent” loosely…they were truly great!) the grounds were absolutely lovely…we will miss our disney home until our next visit at the end of the year.