For those of you who have stayed at both of these resorts - which did you prefer? I originally planned to book POFQ for our March 2007 trip only because I have always wanted to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras but will probably never happen and POFQ will be the closest I get. There will be myself, DH, DD15 and DS5. We’ll be there for 6 nights. We usually spend one day just relaxing at the resort. I didn’t mind ASMu but did not really like Pop. I found there wasn’t alot of food that appealed to me in the food court. I don’t remember that being the case at ASMu when I was there. Do the Values have different food offerings?


I haven’t stayed at either one so take this for what’s it’s worth. I would pick POFQ for the larger room, you have 4 people in your family and the space might be nice.


I loved POFQ, but have never stayed at ASMO, just Sports. The food court area in POFQ is smaller and there is no “sit down” restaurant.
POFQ is charming, has beautiful grounds and is small so it tends to be quiet.
It would be an easy choice for me , POFQ all the way!


POFQ is the best of the Mods, IMHO.

It’s charming, small, the rooms are bigger than the values, the pool is great, and the boat to DTD is a great perk! There is no sit-down restaurant there, but you can walk over to POR to Boatwright’s, if you like. POFQ, no question!


We’ve stayed at ASMu and POFQ and would definitely choose POFQ. It’s smaller & quieter and has great atmosphere, especially with it being right on the river. We enjoyed taking the boat to DTD. The food court was smaller and not too overwhelming. The kids loved the pool with the dragon water slide. We’re currently trying to decide between POFQ and Pop for a summer trip. I’d say that if you can afford the Mod over the Value, then there’s no question that POFQ would be worth it.


I have stayed at both and prefer the FQ to AS any day of the week. There is no comparrison in my eyes. The rooms are bigger, resort smaller, better bus service, they have a boat to DTD and the ammenties are just way better all around.


I haven’t stayed at either one, but the POFQ would be my choice, too.
Just much nicer.


I have to agree. POFQ by a landlide. Easy access to DTD, bigger rooms, smaller resort…pretty mucheverything everyone else has said.


If you did not like the food at Pop, you will most likely not like the food offered at All-Stars Music either. I find all of the All-Stars and Pop to have similar offerings in their food courts. I like the more relaxed vibe at POFQ and nicer rooms. I don’t think you will be dissapointed if you choose POFQ. Let us know whatever you decide!!!