POFQ or Pop Century for a weekend getaway?


Going to WDW for the MNSSHP in mid October with DH, and 3 grown chidren and their girlfriends. We will only be there from Friday to Monday getting up early each day and staying till the parks close.

The price difference is less that $1,000 between Pop Century preferred and POFQ Water view.

Therefore was wondering if we would be better off at POFQ because I hear it is a quiet place or save money and go to Pop Century (I worry that it would be very crowded and noisy with lots of screaming kids - that is not to say that I don’t love kids but not at 6am). Also concerned that the bus wait would be longer for Pop Century since there is more rooms at that resort.

Also is it worth paying the $420 upgrade from POFQ standard to POFQ water for all the rooms total?

Have never stayed at either resort, so I need help.

Thanks, Donna


We love both Pop and POFQ for different reasons. If $420 is not a concern, I would go with POFQ. It is quiet and very relaxing. I think adults will enjoy it more than Pop.:happy:


Well, if money isn’t a problem then you should stay at POFQ. Its very relaxing and quiet. But if money is a problem you should definitely stay at Pop Century, its only just one weekend.


Having stayed at both, I think POFQ is best with older children and/or adults. I like its a bit less crowded and gives a more relaxed time there. Younger kids love POP and it is alot of fun as well. My choice would be,like otheres have said, would be POFQ if money is not an issue. Plus you have the boat to DTD.


I have never stayed at POP but I heard it is not as noisy as the other Value resorts. We stayed at POFQ and it was fantastic.

I don’t think you will have a problem with kids that time of the year since they are back in school. We went last September during MNSSHP and the parks were not that crowded and although there were kids I do not think it was nearly as bad as mid summer is.

On the other question about water view or not I say save the $420. The resort is just a place to sleep, relax, and possibly eat. We didn’t book a water view but still got a partial water view and didn’t have to pay any extra.


I hear that POFQ is beautiful. We stayed for the first time at POP in Dec and I wasn’t happy. I wouldn’t stay there again. From what I’ve read, POFQ would be my choice.


Yes POFQ would be my choice given that your kids are grown with girlfriends- its a beautiful resort too.


POFQ always even if it’s just a standard room. Smaller resort, boat, shorter line for bus. quiet… just all around beautiful!


I’ve stayed at both with older children, and definitely would recommend POFQ. The boys felt totally squashed at POP. Also, no need to spend the extra money on the view at FQ, the resort is absolutely beautiful wherever your room is located. Have fun!


Do not spend the money on the water view if you are going to the parks. For one the water view is “all the way in the back” of the resort. That being said- that is not very far from the front at all. You can walk from the front to the back in the amount of time it would take you to walk past on building-not long at all… I would definitely stay at POFQ, but just the regular room.

We have stayed there 3 times, and the water view was the farthest away from the bus stops, and the food court. Also, there is no balcony, so your view can be interrupted by someone who is walking by at any minute. Not worth the money for me, but I LOVE this resort.


I have stayed at Pop a few times and love it. DW and I have been impressed and would highly recommend it, however, if the difference in money is not an issue (which must be nice) :wink: :wink: I would say go for the more expensive one!


If the room is only for a break from a commando attack on the parks then go with the saving $$$ decision, POP.
If you want to want a slower pace and might spend some time at the resort then go with FQ.


I’ve stayed at both and like both. For all the more time you are at the resort, then I would go with what you truly want, especially for a short trip. If crowded, noisy bus is NOT what you want, then you better go with POFQ. I was amazed at how uncrowded the buses were compared to POP. As for the water view, I would never pay $420 more for it. First of all, you don’t have time to enjoy it in the morning - getting to the parks, and in the evening it will be dark! Also, as said before, the rooms are closer to the bus stops/restaurants if they are not a water view. It is a small resort, if you want to see the water, it’s just a short walk.



Thank you so much for your help. I think this time I will try POFQ but the standard room as suggested. I’m going for my 50th birthday and I always wanted to try this resort, so why not do it now!




Thank you so much for your help. I think this time I will try POFQ but the standard room as suggested. I’m going for my 50th birthday and I always wanted to try this resort, so why not do it now!


Happy Early Birthday! I have few co-workers who say 50 is the Best!


Thanks - not dreading 50 - I’m actually enjoying the freedom of having older children along with a dose of little people when my nieces and nephews come over.