We stayed at the POR in February and really liked it (Parteer Place bldg - garden view). We are trying to decide if we want to try the POFQ or go with POR again. Has anyone been to POFQ since the renovations were completed?? I read a bad review on epinions and now am a little leary. Is FQ as nice as the Riverside? And where is the best location at POFQ? When we make the reservation we are going to request to be near the bus transportation but I thought maybe someone has a bldg number or area that we should request if we stay there.

Would love to hear POR vs POFQ input…


Hmmm…no responses yet…anyone anyone???


Sorry, I don’t have the info you are looking for but I just booked us for the POFQ the week before Christmas and we are excited to go! We all looked at pics online and agreed out of the moderates, that is where we wanted to stay! I love the “New Orleans” decor and theming! Hope you have a great time on your trip!


Hi, we have been to both. They are very nice. POFQ is smaller and that makes it easier to get around. The playground at POR is better (in my kids opinion) and I just like having a full service place to eat. POFQ only has a food court but its good if you just want to grab a quick bite or for pizza. Your so close to DTD where you have so many food options anyway. We were in bldg 2 , I think, at POFQ. it was close to the pool and the food court. At POR we have been in both Aligator Bayou and the Mansions and liked them the same, but I don’t mind walking. Just remember… its Disney… it will be great wherever you stay!!