POFQ w/ free dining vs WL w/ AP Pass?!?!


OK, all, here’s the deal in a nutshell. it looks like we won’t be going on strike, thank goodness!!!
Anyhow, we’re now thinking about switching from POFQ with FREE dining to a room only at WL with the AP discount.
Is this crazy?!?!
The main reason we’re thinking it is because, & we learned this from last year, with a 3 & 4 year-old, spending about 2 hours at each sit-down really ruins the flow of the day. Plus, we’ve decided we’re not going back next year, so why not go out on a bang?!?!
It will cost a little more, but all the sit-down spots we had picked can become counters easily, & I have the DDE card for the ones we keep!!. We’d also knock a day or 2 off, making it a 9 night stay, but with the extra time from not doing the sit downs, we’d be ok!!
Please help!!


I know that everyone has an opinion, so take this for what it is worth. I would stay with the free food. If you don’t want to do sit downs during the day, do them in the morning with character breakfasts. We are using all of our free sit downs to go to Hoop dee doo, Donalds Breakfast, Jo jo’s breakfast, Pooh’s breakfast, Chef Mickey, and only 1 sit down lunch. This way, our son gets to see all of the charaters up close, and if you do them early, early in the morning, you are not taking away from the park experience. Of course, this is me because I am cheap with the food, and spending a little more with the hotel. Just my thought.


I don’t know. I did POFQ with two children and It seemed fine. If your ADR’s are at fancy places then mabye it would be a problem. If they are at Liberty tree type places the kids will fit right in. WL rooms are 340 sq ft compared to 314, so not a big dealthere, basically a closet.

I also doubt the kids would appreciate the deluxe resort difference and the POFQ pool is pretty good.

When you add up the cost of the free dining and the benefit of all of the character greets and your not paying for counter as well, I bet with the difference of price it would be almost a 1000 difference.

So my vote is stay with the free dining and enjoy POFQ, a very nice family resort.

Go to WL when the kids will appreciate it more. Free dining is a home run!


Definaely go out with a bang and go to WL. With kids that age, the dining plan may not be the best thing for you anyway. The counter service places offer many choices now and you won’t be forced to eat hamburgers the whole trip. Go for it!


We have been faithfully going to Disney every year since my son was 15 months old. I can tell you that we never had sit down meals with him until he was older. He would loose his mind if he had to sit more than 30 minutes to eat. Now that he is 12 it is a different story unless he thinks he is missing something better. I have stayed at WL many times and I just love the resort.
I think it is one of the most relaxing resorts and I enjoy coming back to that after a long day at the park.