We will be staying at POFQ next week-we have never stayed there before. A friend of ours told us to request Magnolia Bend. Is that a good location? To make a request do I call the hotel directly or do I call central reservations? Thank you!!


Magnolia bend is at POR not POFQ. However, you will have to call CRO to have a request add to your reservation.


If you are staying at POFQ, the best building there is building 2. I also like building one on the water, but it’s the furthest building away. That being said, the furthest building away is a 5 minute walk.


I’ve stayed there May 08. I forget the name of the building but it was room 2822. If felt like it took forever to get to the main building.


POFQ is so nicely laid out and small, that really, no building is a bad choice. It all depends on whether you want to be close to the food court, pool, or peacefully away from all the commotion. We were in building 5, in which I love because you don’t hear the noise from the pool, and its a pleasant stroll to the food court.


I have stayed in building 2, 4, and 5. I would stay in any of the buildings though because t is a very short walk to anywhere in this resort. If you are staying at POR (Riverside), then technically it is a different hotel, and Magnolia Bend is located there. Still a great resort, and right next door to POFQ, but much larger…


Building 4 is next to the food court, and the food court is accross from the main buiding, and the pool is accross from the main building, if that’s your most concern. The resort is so small there really isn’t a bad building location. Building 1 is probably the furthest from everything.


We also loved Building 5. We had a water-view room and it was very peaceful and quiet. A short stroll to the main building/pool area, as are all the buildings at POFQ. A very lovely, quaint resort.


We were building 4 when we were there. Right on top of the parking lot and almost on top of the bus stop. POFQ is a nice, densely packed resort so everything is close to everything else.

Here’s a map:


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We have always stayed in building 2. Its close to everything including the boat launch for dtd.


Thanks everyone!! As i was typing this thread I was thinking Magnolia Bend was at POR!!!


We’ve reqested Building 4 on our last couple of trips, and I think it’s a great location. It’s right in the center, closest to the bus stop, and food court, and parking, and right near the pool. But, it’s not right next to the pool, so it’s not too noisy. As has been said, there really isn’t a terrible location in POFQ because it’s so small.