Point Swap


We’re new mbers. 1st mber trip in Dec 08!:tinytree:
If we wanted to stay in another resort and found someone who wanted to stay at our home resort could we do a swap? That way we could all take advantage of booking 11 months out. I am worried that having to wait 'til 7 months we might not be able to get a different resort. Has anyone run into trouble? We really hope to staying at WLV in the future and have tried in the past but failed both times(3 & 10 months out). Could it just have been b/c we weren’t mbers then?


Interesting questions… I am looking forward to seeing what the answers are as they come in.

I am brand new to the whole process, but it seems like you’d have to cook up a deal where you are actually renting your points out to someone else, and they are renting their points to you instead of writing you a check.

If that ends up being the case, wouldn’t it seem OK to just go ahead and make each other’s reservations just like in a regular rental situation?


I guess it could work but it sounds like it could be tough.

Where do you own? If you own at AKV you would have an easier time than if you own at SSR because SSR is pretty easy to get in at 7 months so people who don’t own there won’t need to go through you to get in there. VWL is the smallest DVC resort and can be a hard resort to get in at 7 months, especially at Christmas.

If I were you I would book at my home resort at 11 months and waitlist at the resort I wanted. It might come through, who knows.


We own at AKL. I assume once the new building is up and running it wont be so hard to stay there either. But we really have always wanted to stay at VWL. It is just what my DH is all about. He is my wilderness guy. That is why we went with AKL b/c it was the next best thing. Ofcourse I love AKL anyway so it wasn’t like twisting my arm. In order to buy into VWL we wouldn’t have gotten the full 50yrs. We may get more points later on but we got what we could afford for now. My goal is to stay in every resort there is. We can always pay cash and save the points for another trip but it’s just somewhere we have always wanted to stay. There’s no question about it though…the Villas are just so much better than regular rooms.


I would waitlist what you want but book where you can.


Christmas is a hard week to get at WLV, so I would do as the others suggested. Book at your resort and waitlist. We’ll sprinkle lots of pixie dust for you to help get your waitlist!


If you can find someone who owns at VWL and who wants AKV that same week, by all means GO FOR IT! I am guessing it would work the way a regular rental does. If you can’t find this exact person, I suggest booking your home resort and get waitlisted.


I would book at your home resort and then get on the waitlist. However, I would then call and check on it from time to time. I have done the waitlist twice and have gotten what I wanted both times. My home is SSR and once I wanted to get into OKW at Christmas and the second time I wanted to get into BCV’s (our upcoming trip). Both times I got what I wanted while on the telephone with them. They would say something just opened up let me get it for you, and I got it. It’s worth a try…it worked for me.


I have another possible solution, but it only works if you’re anal like me:rolleyes:
We own at Vero Beach/OKW, and have never stayed at either. We like BWV and BCV because of their convenience - you can walk to MGM, oops, DHS and Epcot. I call at 9 a.m. exactly seven months before the day we want to check out, and I have never had a problem booking either of these very popular resorts. For example, this August we are staying in a 2BR lock-off at BCV for 8 nights:smile:
So, come on all you fellow anal Disney lovers, fess up - I can’t be the only one out there who does this, can I?:blink:


Are you kidding I did it like that on my home resort! I wanted to get in! I would totally do it that way. I guess I am just nervous about someday staying at WLV. Also I wondered if anyone has actually done this one: Call each day and add on an extra day until you reached the departure date. The lady I spoke with once said it was a great way to ensure you get your rooms. So on your check in day call and book your room for 1 day, the next day call and add another day on, and so forth until the 11 or 7 months to your departure date. Did I explain that right? My only issue was every time I call first thing in the morning it’s ussually busy.


DVC recommended this technique to us and we’ve used it a couple of times now…we book 4-5 rooms within our party and most of us have done it this way, without problems. I always wonder, what if I get my 1st few days, but not the last few days??? That’d be bad, have to decide on a new resort to book…but luckily we’ve not been forced to do so.
Good Luck!


Yes, you explained perfectly! And YES, I would do this! December (no matter what week) is a VERY busy time with DVC!!! So AS SOON AS YOU CAN book, I’d call that very day. And call every day thereafter until you complete your ressie. :mickey: GOOD LUCK!