Points difference SSR vs. OKW etc


Newbie question here. I am looking at weekly points in Sept. I was surprised to see SSR at 95 and OWK so much less at 80. AKLV ranges but standard is 83. BWV is even at 85 where I would expect that to be more than SSR. Why is this?

ps. can you take the boat to DTD from BWV?



No, no boat to DtD from BWV but you can take a boat to Epcot and MGM from BWV.

I think the resorts that have a boat to DtD are SSR, OKW, and POR/FQ.


I don’t know why SS is so much higher, points-wise. But it IS! So SS in September is not the deal of the century…

I checked WDWinfo and also the DVC owners’ site, and they confirm! But the good news is, OKW, AKV and BWV become pretty attractive for September!


I believe the points are higher simply because they are newer units and you can walk to DTD.


I don’t know why OKW is so much lower…maybe it’s the size and age of it?? Got me, but I pick OKW every time I rent points. You get the same thing as the other DVCs but at a lower cost… Sure, it’s huge there, but so is SSR…it’s centrally located, so you are prettty close to all the parks…the buses stink, but you do have that boat access to DTD. So mahny different things to consider here. Price wins me over every time…lol I loved my stay there last time and am going back there again this time. I half considered AKV, but didn’t want to spend the extra money on it and not even have the DTD access…didn’t seem worth it to me.


Thanks everybody. I am still wrapping my mind around the fact that the points don’t change so OKW is oldest so lowest I guess.

Anyway, my mom is excited about OKW as it is a relaxed feel and 2 beds. Now I am actually planning a stay there this summer as well. I wanted the lower points and DS and I will go with my friend and her DS so the 2 beds will work out well there, also.




Generally location adjacent to parks is premium, view is premium (BWV waterfront/standard) and newer is premium.

OKW is the oldest and DTD didn’t exist when it was built.

Most timeshares you buy a set week. But here you are buying the right to use a unit for a period of time, and the way it’s chopped up is “points.” Once the total annual points are set, they stay the same. That is the TOTAL number of points on an ANNUAL basis for a unit stay the same. They vary with seasons, but the total points for the year have the remain the same. So if they raise something 3 points per night those three points have to be reduced some other nights.

Clear as mud now?


The reason the OKW point structure is so different is that DVC was brand new and it was their first timeshare. By the time they announced their second timeshare a few years later, they upped the points and also downsized the rooms.