Points for rent


Hello. I have too many points this year to use myself so I have decided to rent the extras. This is my first time renting points out so I have no references. For both our protection, a contract and personal phone call will be required. 3 way call with member services for confirmation is available.

160 points. Good until 11/30/08. SSR home resort.

Please PM if interested.



I may be interested. Can you tell me what a 2 bedroom would be in your home resort for Memorial weekend. May 23 -26. I am looking for something to fit about 8-10 of us. Thanks


I may be interested…can you get AKV Savanah View Studio or BWV Studio for 3/1-3/7? It’s for my friend.



I may be interested too. How much per point?


This is off the DVCmember.com points calculator:

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort Two Bedroom Villa
5/23/2008 5/26/2008 161 points

The Two-Bedroom sleeps up to 8.

Master suite with king-size bed and whirlpool tub
Separate bedroom with private bath and either one queen-size bed and queen-size sleeper sofa or two queen-size beds
Queen-size sleeper sofa in living room

I would be able to do the 161 points.


Ooops, I am asking $12.00 per point.


This is off the DVC member points calculator:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas Studio Accommodation - Savanna View 3/1/2008 3/7/2008 105 points

Disney’s BoardWalk Villas Studio Accommodation - Boardwalk View 3/1/2008 3/7/2008 102 Points

I called for availability on both for 3/1/2008 to 3/7/2008
AKV Studio Savanna View - Nothing available :frown:
BWV Studio Boardwalk View - Only available on the 1st :frown:

If they are interested and will consider other resorts I can call for availability.


DARN IT! What about Beach Club or VWL? Sorry to put you through hoops! She is trying to make these plans SO last minute!


Oh, it’s no problem at all! :laugh:

This time I ran through all the DVC resorts with member services for arrival of 3/1/08 and departure of 3/7/08 for studios.

BC- No availability
Villas @ WL - No availability
SSR - Limited availability
OKW - No availability
AK - No availability
BW - No availability

So basically on a studio for those dates you are looking at SSR for 94 points.
He did say that you can be put on a wait list for another resort but it doesn’t guarantee it will become available.

(They did have limited availability for 1 bedrooms at SSR for 189 points and limited availability for Villas @ WL for 210 points. I’d have to talk to the hubby into renting the additional points if they were interested :laugh: )