Points - I've got 'em. Hit me up before I crusie again!


I have points for rent. (Lots of points because my last cruise was on RCI and not DCL. Sorry Mickey, I’ve learned my lesson and won’t stray again. RCI customer service is HORRIBLE.)

$12 per point, refundable up to 45 days prior.

Email me directly RLC@RLCARMICHAEL.COM


Points, how can you have points??? That grandbaby should have been there enough that her first word is DISNEY, not dada or momma.


Actually her first words were “Grandpa, take me on a Disney Cruise.”

(With two teachers for parents she’s pretty advanced. :laugh: )

Just waiting for her passport.


Yeah, yeah, next you’ll tell us she can say that in 4 different languages and she knows how to pick her own FP+ choices.