Points question


I am going to try to rent points again for my trip next summer. I can start looking for someone 11months out correct? I want to pay this trip off slowly cause it’s going to be a big one, so I am just starting to think about it now. Thanks for the info in advance.


I think it’s 11 months at if it’s booked that their home resort. And somewhere around 9-7 months for a non-home resort. I’ll need an actual DVC member to validate that statement but I think it’s right.


11 months for the persons home resort and 7 months for any other resort.


If you want to book at 11 months out you’ll need to find someone who owns at the resort where you want to stay. For example, if you rented from me at 11 months out I’d have to book SSR for you and then at 7 months I could switch you to another resort, if it was available. Since you said you were traveling in summer availability could get a little sticky so if you REALLY have your heart set on staying at a specific resort then find someone who owns at that resort & book with them at 11 months.


Thanks all. 11months is what I thought, but wanted to make sure. I know it’s premature, but after the month I have had, some Disney dreaming is necessary…lol badddddddddddddd month…oh well next one will be better right?


ABSOLUTELY. Especially if you are in Disney Planning Mode again. :happy:


Sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad month. What is it they say–It can only get better. I hope that things will start looking up soon for you. It does seem like life is much better when you are planning a Disney trip. :smile:


Time to plan another trip…How exciting!!!
Where are you wanting to stay???


Dana – this is exciting! What resort is your dream resort for this trip?


I love it when Dana is in a Disney trip planning mode. Her excitement always rubs off on me.:happy: