Points Question?


I would like to go to Disney March 17 - 20, 2011 (Thurs-Sun). After staying at the Contemporary, we are TOTALLY spoiled :blush: and would love to stay “deluxe” again.

I checked the passholder rates, and I can get a BLT Studio for those dates for $1,077 - is that more or less then renting points? Can anyone fill me in please?

Thanks in advance! :happy:


Once you know how many points you would need you multiply that by the amount the Vaction club member is charging which is usually $13-$14 a point. For a standard view I calculated that you would need 82 points, which comes out to $1066-$1148.


Thanks for the info . . . so the PH rate is my best bet? I guess because there is a weekend in there?


Yeah I would go with the PH rate.


I don’t know about that. I see points being offered for $10 per point a lot. That would only be $820. See if any fellow MB’ers have any available for that rate before you purchase with PH rate.


I like renting points. $13 point is about right. Ive noticed when it is $10 a point, it seems to be a set number of points, rather than the exact # needed for the trip.


If you really want CR, book it. That way you have a ressie. Then see if you can buy BLT points from someone. If it is cheaper, cancell the ressie. Work both angles.


Funny thing is - CR is $300 more for the same amount of time . . . I think I’ll go with the BLT ressie! Thanks for all the help! :happy:

(Renting points is pay in full, a ressie I can make a deposit and pay between now and March - which will work better for me.)

THANKS AGAIN for all the feedback! :happy:


Just looked @ Disboards and I see points available for as little as $9.00 a point. Yikes!


Maybe I’ll check that out . . . thanks!


I have found that when renting points if they are offered at $9-$10 there is usually a reservation already booked or certain number of points that you must rent. You also have to remember that you have to trust the person with your entire reservation and money! You do have to pay all up front and now DVC members have to pay for the dining plan ahead of time too, so you have to send them the money for that too. The DVC member will also have to make your Magical Express reservation too. You really have to decide if you can trust those people with lower rates or for that matter anyone you rent from.


Also I avoid the DISboards like the plague, try mouseowners.com.


Thanks for the tips!

I don’t do the dining plan and we live in Florida - I think I’ll stick to the FL resident discounts or passholder discounts - sounds safer! :slight_smile: