Poll: choose 1 only please!


2)Rose and Crown
3)Restaurant Marakesh

      out of those 3 which would you choose and why?


It’s all you can eat, really nice food, fun ambience, and most of our experiences there have been really nice. Er, I mean Biergarten. (We did have one bad experience there – the family we were sitting with were really unfriendly and rude. But this was an exception.)



Marrekesh is so different from anything else I’ve been to. I vote that.


No big shocker here, Rose and Crown 110%
Nothing beats the potato soup, steak and prawns, guniess chocolate cake and Illuminations. and The Dave :wub:


:eek: I’ve said this before and I will say it again :tongue: Watch out for the “potato salad” at the Biergarten…it’s really herring!!! :eek: :blow:


I chose R&C.
Although it’s great to watch Illuminations from there, we also thought the food was outstanding and would go back even without an Illuminations show.


I went with rose and crown because I haven’t tried it yet and everyone raves about it. Plus, I wouldn’t mind having a nice meal while I watched Illuminations. :heart:


As much as I love Bella and The Dave, I’ve went with Marrakesh. That restaurant looks like alot of fun!


I was almost caught by that trap!!!

I did like lots of other stuff though.


We just love Marakesh. The food is incredible, and the atmosphere is great. I think we may be very attached to it too because the first time we went to WDW we had no idea about making PSs or anything else for that matter. We tried stopping in to the mexical restauratnt at Epcot (name escapes me right now - not enough coffee yet) and they had no room. So, we stopped by guest services on our way out that afternoon to see if we could get a PS for dinner. The CM called all around for us and Marakesh was the only one available. We just loved it.


I’m a big fan of R&C, so I chose that. But really, I’d be happy with any of those choices. They’re all great places to eat and they each have their own advantages.


I voted Biergarten because that is what I am picking for out tip in 30 days!!! I have never eaten there or any of the others but I picked this because:

  1. it is all you can eat
  2. there is a little entertainment
  3. the kids can dance and have fun
  4. Their should be something that everyone will like since it’s a buffet


I’ve never been to any of them, but I voted anyway! (You can thank me later.)

I went with Marrakesh, only because the Counter Service Tangierine Cafe is SO AMAZING!


More than that, the food is outstanding and the service is top-notch, not to mention the entertainment.

I’ve had many very pleasant experiences at Marrakesh, although I must admit, I’ve been to the other two, so clearly I’m biased.


Marrakesh - the atmosphere, people, dancing… oh, and the food! Excellent place.


I went with Rose & Crown – although none of them are a “don’t miss” in my book. We like the bar at R&C but have not been overly impressed with the food at any of those.


Aahhhhh you big ol’ softie you!!! I have to admit I chose Rose and Crown too only because it is a little bit of home for me. Although I have heard Rave reviews on the others also so will be trying them out for sure.


I chose R & C. I havn’t been to any of them, but that one appeals to me the most.


This is my reasoning as well. It sounds better to me for some reason. The german one sounds typical and I can get similar at Busch Gardens. The other sounds a bit too exotic.


I chose Marrakesh. I’ve always wanted to try it, but my wife is very anti-exotic foods, so I don’t know that I’ll ever get to try it. But I’d sure like too… :sad: