Poll: two table service credits


Which two table service credit restaurants do you like best?


Oops I tried to insert a poll. The choices would have been:

-California Grill
-Hoop Dee Doo
-Artist Point
-Brown Derby



Hoop De Doo gets my vote.


I would go with Artist Point or California Grill, both are top notch. We have been twice on the dining plan and paid cash for HDD both times because of the fact that we would be seated in level 2 or 3 (in the back or upstairs) and that made it a poor value of us.


Artist Point!! Only, with the new Dining Plan, I will pay OOP for Artist Point. The numbers don’t add up to be worth it anymore.


[I]No contest for me Artist Point.
a year ago before I found Artist Point I would have gone for California Grill .

bottom line is its down to personal choice.[/I]:heart:


My vote is for California Grill. I love that view!


We had SO muhc fun at HoopDeeDoo in November so i’d definately vote for that as far as “getting the most for your points” goes. It’s a fun show, memorable experience, & yeah the food is just ok but we LOVED the whole thing.

As far as dining goes, I’d choose Cali Grill. We’ve never had a bad experience there.


California Grill is my favorite dinner but you have to pay seperate for the wine and now the app which is one of my favorite parts so that would be a waste of ts credits now- My favorite Meal in general is Whooop deee Doooo!!! and its inclusive neverending pitchers of sangria! Oh and its a show too…LOL


Artist Point and California Grill.
Brown Derby isn’t that bad either. I wouldn’t waste my time or credits on Hoop Dee Doo, mostly because I don’t care for the show.


Went to the Artist point for the first time in December, it was amazing. I know eveyone is going to yell at me but I did not like the Calf Grill the food was okay but we had eaten the night before at LeCellier and found the food there much better plus our waiter was so so snoppy he ruined my meal.


If you are interested in dining at several signature restaurants during your stay, I’d suggest the deluxe dining plan instead which costs $79 per day but gives you three table credits and two snacks per day plus the appetizer is still included.
I’ve shown in other threads how the math still works for the dining plans, but not as well as it used to.


That seems to be a problem with several of the waiters we’ve had over the years at Cali Grill. It seems their noses are even higher in the air than the 15th floor restaurant is. And yet, there are many good waiters there as well.


California Grill!!!


hoop de doo. It is definitely more our style than some stuffy restaurant and the luau was terrible!


I love Artist Point. Ask to sit in Po’s section- she rocks!


We’ve eaten there twice. The first time, we had a wonderful waiter. We were very impressed with him. The second time, we had a very snooty waitress, and her service wasn’t nearly as good as the waiter we had the time before. Honestly, any restaurant, whether it’s a mid-level, chain or a nice 5 star, is going to have good and bad, nice and snooty waitpersons. Some people know how to treat other people, and some people don’t.


my vote would be for Mickey’s BBQ at Fort Wilderness. It is such a great evening out and loads of fun for young and old. Food is lovely and so is the beer! LOL. Only downside of this evening is the hideously poor arrangements for leaving the resort to get back to where you want to go. Very poorly organised.
A great evening though, highly recommended.



WE :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: HOOP DEE DOO!!! WE NEVER MISS IT!!!


I was thinking about Artist Point for our next visit. I have been to Hoop Dee Doo and Cali Grill and loved both. Our waiter at Cali Grill was great. His name was Walt! Doesn’t that just make it better!