Poll- what restaurant / show to pick


I will be making my dining reservations soon and I am not sure what restaurants/shows to go to.

My DH and DD have gone to Chef Mickey for breakfast many times and had fun each time we have gone. I do not know if I should change and go to the dinner or stick with breakfast.

Also, never been- to Hoop Dee Doo Or Mickey’s BBQ and do not know what one to choose…any advise.



I have only done dinner at Chef Mickey and did enjoy that. I would love to do breakfast. I have done HDR but that was years ago and it was also really good.
Never done M BBQ but it’s got Mickey in it-how bad couldit be!
If your looking for something differen, I have to recommend Cape May Cafe. We did breakfast there and it had the same foods but some were different than other places. We loved it, You get a paper table cloth and get crayons to color on it. We forgot an autograph book and had them sign the table-what a great piece that was to take home!


Welcome to Mouse Buzz! I Say change it up. Each meal/restaurant is so unique. You should experience them all.

I hope you enjoy your time with us.


Stick with breakfast and go to HDD it is a blast.


Hoop Dee Doo is a BLAST!!! It’s a great show, fun atmosphere, & good food! So worth it!


I say try someplace else for breakfast. I truly love Chef Mickey and we go every trip but I also love Crystal Palace.

As for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ; I’ve done it once when my children were smaller (5 and 11) and we had a great time. The good was great and abundant, the character interaction was fun and so was the entertainment.



I agree with Wishy . . . Hoop Dee Doo is the BEST!! And good home cookin’ too!


HDDR is a must for us. This is almost every trip. While we move other reservations around to try different things. We are not big breakfast people, so can not help you in that category. Love Boma (AKL), Cape May (BC), we also love LeCellier at EPCOT. So many great places to eat.


Welcome to MB! I never miss Ohanas for breakfast with lilo and stitch. And also for dinner. I want to try HDR and heard it was a blast.


Mickey’s Backyard BBQ is a lot of fun, but if you’ve never done either, I would definitely say do HDD first. We were just there last week and loved it (again!). My kids are 10, 7, and 3, and they all enjoyed the show and the food. We’ve been there several times and would go back again!


I would chose MBYBBQ over HDDR anyday. We did not like the HDDR- our kids just did not get into it. At the BBQb they could at least get up and burn some energy!!


Hoop-Dee-Doo was fantastic when we went! We all had a good laugh and the dinner wasn’t too bad either!!LOL…Mickey’s Backyard BBQ was good too, especially if your kids are younger…

We’ve made it a habit of going to the Crystal Palace for breakfast. It’s such a huge hit with the kids and the buffet has always been good. Chef Mickey’s was pretty good, but food wise I thought the CP was better…


We’ve been to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast and dinner and both were good but we usually pick breakfast because it’s a treat to have breakfast out.

We’ve also done Hoop Dee Doo and the BBQ. The BBQ could be fun but it was so hot in July that we just didn’t enjoy it like we could have. We do Hoop Dee Doo almost every trip and love it.


Another vote for HDD! (Although we did enjoy Crystal Palace for breakfast. Havent’ done Chef Mickey’s.) HDD is fun entertainment with very good food!


I have been to both hoop dee doo and Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, and I would have to see the food and entertainment is better at Hoop Dee Doo and the strawberry cake is to die for!


I had an opportunity to see Hoop Dee Doo Revue, unfortunately I passed it up because I was with my friends family, and I didn’t want to go without her. Now I really want to see it! lol.

As for Chef Mickeys, we’ve only ever gone there for dinner, and we L-O-V-E it! So much fun! So yummy! The contemporary is beautiful at night. It’s so nice!

I, myself, am actually extremely interested in hearing about Mickey’s BBQ. I’ve never done it, nor has anyone I know!

I hope you can choose! :smiley:


Since it will be hot the BBBQ will not be enjoyable


We LOVE the BBQ - even did it for Thanksgiving in 2007.

That said, I don’t know if I would do it without the kids. The BBQ is NOT about the food. Not bad - nothing special. It IS a blast with the kids. :mickey:


HDD is a must see, at least once. It is so much fun and the food is yummy. I could take or leave Chef Mickeys. Last time we ate there (Sept. '07) the food was OK, the desserts were actually the best part. The character interaction is pretty good though.

I am not a fan of Mickey’s BBQ. We had a negative experience and thought it was overwhelming. I would not do it again.

I think trying something new is always a good idea.


1900 Park Fare character breakfast! Great!