POLL: Which tour should we choose?


With the DVC discount we think we want to do a tour this time in WDW. My husband has never done one but I was lucky enough to go into the “utilidors” when I was younger and he’s dying to. :tongue:

Tell me about both of them. Has anyone done either of these? Is the 7 hour one really worth it? Here are the descriptions, which would you think would be better for two adults?
The amount of time and difference in $ really doesn’t matter, we would just rather do whichever tour we’d get more out of.

:mickey: Keys to the Kingdom($46.40pp WITH discount)
Receive a 20% discount on this four-and-a-half-hour walking tour that is a fascinating journey “backstage” and around the Theme Park. Discover the history of the Magic Kingdom Park and enjoy the unique opportunity to step down into the “Utilidor” that runs underneath it. Theme Park admission is not included, but is required. Offered daily at 8:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. for ages 16 and older. This program is subject to change without notice and is based on availability.

:mickey: Backstage Magic Tour($169.15pp WITH discount)
Receive a 15% discount on this amazing seven-hour adventure that takes you behind-the-scenes at the Walt Disney World Resort to discover what it takes to create and maintain the magic every day. See how the attractions operate at The American Adventure, part of the World Showcase at Epcot. Enjoy lunch at Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano and visit the cosmetology and costuming buildings at the Disney-MGM Studios. Tour the “Utilidor” — the tunnel that runs underneath the Magic Kingdom Park — and visit the central shops where repair work is done, and the Holiday Center, where holiday props and scenery are stored. Theme Park admission is not required for the tour, but is required for admission to any Theme Park before or after the tour. Offered Mondays through Fridays for ages 16 and older, starting at Epcot. Times vary depending on Theme Park operating hours.




One of our fellow DCers recently wrote in her TR that they did the Keys to the Kingdom tour and were greatly disapointed. I remember they said that you barely get a glimpse of the Utilidors. In fact I remember that they complained to Disney and got some or all of their money back.

I wish I could remember who it was, but I’m pretty sure it’s a DC regular, so I’m sure they will see this and hopefully will inform you all about their experience.

Having said that, both tours look great to me. But if you don’t mind spending a whole day I’d choose the Backstage Magic Tour.


The Backstage one looks pretty cool:)


Thank you Andrew, that’s really good to know! I really hope whoever it was reads this and tells me all about it.

I just re-read the descriptions and the “Keys” tour says "step down into the “Utilidor,” and the “Backstage Magic” tour says “TOUR the utilidors.” I wonder if that’s their sneaky way of saying that the first tour only gives you a “glimpse.” Hmm, if that’s the case Daniel would be dissapointed for sure!!!

Thanks again! I’ll have to see what others who’ve done it say!


Like everyone else. I would love to do either tour, but if I had the money and the time I would do the BMT.


I think Ginger said the utilidors are kind of nasty.

I think maybe it was Llama that had the bad tour?


I personally didn’t think they were nasty at all, then again, maybe I didn’t see those parts. I remember being under “Fantasyland” and people zipping by, also seeing the barbershop for cast members & I THINK some “costuming tailor/fitter” or something in the utilidor and some other random things. I thought it was pretty cool, then again I was about 14 so of course it was cool. haha!

IDK, I’ll have to hear more opinions first, I’d hate to waste my time with something I’d be dissapointed with.


i voted the keys to the kingdom just like my friend ingamba.

Jeany,Erin,Ingamba: the three musketeers
“All for one and one for all!”


I voted for the Key to the Backstage Magic… That’s assuming that money isn’t an issue here, cause it is quite a bit more expensive… I know I’d have to sell some plasma or something to go on that one…HA! But if money was no problem, then I’d take that tour. It seems like you get to see and do so much, and not just in the MK…

Let us know what you choose…

Oh…and is our opinion gonna actually help you make your decision, or are you just curious… :biggrin:


I vote for the backstage tour-it sounds great! :heart:


YES, it is actually going to help me make the decision :tongue: (sheesh) b/c I know NOTHING about that “keys” tour and if people tell me it IS great I would most likely choose that one to save some time. ALTHOUGH, if people tell me the “backstage” one is worth the 7 hours I’ll do it.


I voted backstage cause llama took the keys one and said it was terrible.


I was not impressed at all with the Backstage Magic Tour. Way too much money for way to little information. I felt like I’d wasted an entire day of my vacation (not to mention a sizable amount of cash). Definitely go with Keys to the Kingdom. I’ve not done that one, but at least you won’t be wasting so much cash if it’s not that great.


Sorry Jess, I’m not going to vote for either :laugh:
I’m just not a fan of tours, I think the ‘idea’ is really cool, but whenever I’ve done them in the end I’d rather just have the day to myself to do whatever.


I’m with Tessa on this! I vote Neither One - I remember hearing negative reviews of both…particularly Llama with the Keys tour.

I hope that whichever one you choose if fabulous for you!


I’m suprised that there are negative reviews on the tours. Guess I haven’t paid much attention to them since I always have a child under 16 in tow.

I voted for Backstage Magic. It’s the one that I want to go on someday.


Hmmmm, I am SO glad I asked!! Can anyone suggest ANY, in any park? hehe. We just want “something” to kick the trip up a notch and are not sure what else to add in there?

Any suggestions?



Have you considered the “Dinner with an Imagineer” Experience. I don’t know a lot of the details, but it’s something I always keep in the back of my mind as somethng I’d like to do sometime before I die.

You should look into it, it looks like a really cool thing to do.


OMG ingamba!! I TOTALLY forgot about that!!! I remember reading about it several years ago and never followed through with the idea. Wooo, look at you, good idea! Thank you! I WILL DEFINATELY look into it again!

I think I remeber the dinner being at the Brown Derby in MGM? That’s about all I remember.
If anyone knows where to find that info, let me know! THANKS!


I was thinking Disney Teacher went on a tour that she liked but I can’t remember what it was.