Poll: wich resort do you like best?


poll of your favorite hotels! (if your favorite is not here let me konw)
oh, and how many people think wdw should have a LEGO inspired resort???


well we have not stayed every were but POFQ is our favorite.

It would be good to have a lego resort - they could change it every other month:laugh:


POLYNESIAN!!! None better, I think!


Poly and AKL are our 2 favorites!:heart:



For this to be an acurate poll all resorts should be listed. Obviously that can’t be done because of space availability. Maybe do a poll listing- Value, Mod, Deluxe, DVC or Ft. Wilderness and then post which one in the thread.

Nice idea for a thread though.:happy:




Poly and CBR with the hopes of finally staying at BC.


Never stayed at Poly, but I love it. I also like Boardwalk and POP.


Animal Kingdom Villas are the best


I wanna stay at the Grand Floridian! Right now Saratoga Springs and the Yatch Club are tied but when I stay at the Grand Floridain that will def. become #1 by a long shot!


French Quarter!


AKL - Jambo House!


Contemporary and Wilderness Lodge.
AKL also makes the list.
Of the values, Pop has been our choice and of mods Coronado Springs is our choice.

Magic Kingdom Castle?
You do know there’s only one room there and you don’t get to choose it.
IF you’re lucky, it’s chosen for you.


Yes, he knows now. I told him that they don’t have a resort there,but he is still stuck back when they gave it out as a prize for year of a million dreams. Unfortuneatly,we did not win that one.


Hey, I can see the castle from BOTH of my favs…Bay Lake and Poly.


Beach club… Yeah! Ya` know,you should go there… ITS FUN!!!:laugh::heart:


I am going to pick the castle just because it’s the most interesting option listed.:laugh:


I’m right there with you!!!


Our first choice is Pop Century and second would be the Magic Kingdom Castle. I mean isn’t that the reason we all go? (to see the castle I mean):wub:


I chose the castle! Talk about prime location!!! :happy:

Really, I couldn’t choose a favorite resort… I mean, I have my favorites… but just one? I’ve actually liked all of the resorts I’ve stayed in at Disney. My tops are GF, Poly, and WLR… but as long as I’m at WDW, I’m happy! :laugh: