Pollo Campero reviews


anyone tried this and how was it,so far what I have heard is it is below par


DW and I had the chicken, black beans, and rice from there in December. We were impressed with the quality, quantity, as well as the amount of food for the price. We are usually pretty easy to please though.


I did a copy-paste from my trip report back in December because I couldn’t remember what I said except I knew we liked it. :blink:

“We decided to try Pollo Camperos (or something like that) which now replaces the McDonalds. Oh, I forgot to mention that on Sunday when I was organizing the camera bag I came across $26 Disney dollars that were there, probably from December 2006 because our room keys were there, too! Ah, I love unexpected $$. So, anyway, I pull out the Disney dollars and the cashier looked at them like she didn’t know what they were. Or they were counterfeit. Or something. Then she said they don’t accept those. So, I pulled out my Disney rewards card and she said they don’t accept those either. Only then does she say that they aren’t officially a Disney restaurant yet and have only been open for about three weeks. They’re in a probationary period to see if Disney will accept them as a Disney restaurant. Okay, thanks. Here’s my credit card. The food was actually pretty good. DS and I had the chicken strips that were very fresh (which is what their advertising claims) and I had jicama fries with them. Those were awesome! DH had some kind of wrap but, sadly, I don’t remember exactly what was in it. He enjoyed it, though! The fresh salsa and cilantro were really nice touches.”

So, there you have it. More than you wanted to know but we didn’t think it was subpar! :happy:


obviously some changes from when they first opened,I think people said overpriced and small portions ,but I don’t know haven’t tried them yet will be there soon,don’t know if i will try them but will be asking when i get there,still ging to miss the quick desserts from macdonalds …love ghiardelli’s but 20 minutes for a sundae is sometimes just to long and paying with AP makes it even longer


Know its an older thread … but wated to see if anyone had tried Pollo Campero as of late. Was thinking of making a stop there for some eats this upcoming trip while in DTD. Is the fried chicken any good? We don’t have this chain in Canada … so opinions are most welcome.