Poly, AKL or Ohana's


Ojay, after getting some great info I’ve only made it harder to make a disicion. Anyone want to help, which would you choose and why?

We’re staying at AKL and eating at Ohana and DS11 doesn’t like the regular food at Ohana, we can get him something different there or he can use one of the kids clubs.


We have dinner ADR for Ohana on our 1st night there. My Daughter is 12 and a picky eater so when I made the ADR I asked about the food and was told she could get something made special (example: chicken nuggets & fries). You could put him in the Neverland club at the Poly but you have to pay for it and although 11 is still in the guidelines, I know my kid daughter wouldn’t go at 11. My 8 year old would love it. But Ohana dinner is pretty cool with the activities. My kids can not wait to go to Ohana.


He should eat with you and just get a different meal. I don’t think you should pay extra money for a kid’s club because he doesn’t like the meal.


packer beth-we still have our DD2 with us, so adult freindly still wont work for us. In a few years it will though!
Aliane and Dana-that’s what I was thinking but I know he would really like time away from us and I thought this was the best time. Maybe I can look things over and see what other time we maybe able to get him inwhile we do other things. Maybe shopping in DTD.
I’m trying to keep it a layed back vacation instead of our usual go, go, go!


We chose Boma at the Poly over Ohana and had a picky eater friend with us…the waitress was so accomodating…she tried to get her something from the menu, but when she saw that she wasnt eating it, she asked her a few things and came back with a gorgeous looking grilled cheese sandwich fit for a princess. her father was very impressed…


Will the neverland club at the Poly take a 2 year old? Maybe the son & daughter could both go. Two years old are tough. At 2, my daughter hated to be away from me but my son was different, he loved it.


I say eat with the family as that’s what your there for to be together and enjoy the Disney experience. The Poly I’m sure will dp whatever they can to help out


Kids Clubs start at age 4 and must be potty trained. DD is only 2 and she is for the most part trained but pees a little then decides to go. I think it has to do with having fun and not wanting to stop. So I don’t think they would take her.
I think we will go together as a family and have them accomidate the kids and then we’ll let him enjoy a kids club another time during the vacation.
Does anyone know which is the best kids club? From what I hear they are all the same just different thymes.


I would take himm to dinner with you.Save the club for another time.


gem disney- I’ve heard good things about all of them so I’d just pick the one that’s most convenient for you. Make it at your resort and you can go have dinner with your hubby and then get the kids once your back OR make it where you’re having dinner. After dinner get the kids and travel back to your resort.