Poly Beach


I remember reading that you are not allowed to swim in Seven Seas Lagoon from the beach (or anywhere). No big deal, we probably wouldn’t anyway but…

I was on Youtube today and came across this video:

YouTube - Polynesian Resort at Disney World Orlando

and at 4 Minutes 10 Seconds you see a bunch of people playing in the water from the beach!

Is this right or just some Disney World Misfits overtaking the water?



Misfits!! probably resort jumping & thought it was the pool!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:

when we went there to watch the fireworks I told DD that there were aligators in there and if you play in the water they will come up & bite your feet:ph34r:.:ohmy:…kept her out of the water!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


thats just like the people at the lake where we jetski that swim in the boat parking area…that says NO SWIMMING!!! then they give you the dirty look when you almost run them over with the jet ski.:glare:


You are not supposed to swim in Bay Lake.

We are staying at the Poly in October and I have already told the girls we will only be swimming in the pool. I told them there are snakes:eek: in the lake and maybe alligators:eek: and it is not safe to swim in the lake. They are now scared into submission:happy: Small victory, I know, but I get so few.

My question is for the parents who allow their children to swim in the lake when it is prohibited and posted, if children are not made to adhere to rules, especially those for their safety, how will they grow to be respectful of the rules and laws of society? Children are like buildings, they are both held up by a strong foundation.

Social commentary over.


Must admit I’m guilty of wading along the sandy shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon…may even do it again soon!

But swimming…no way!!!


It doesn’t appear that the kids are actually swimming but just using the water for their sand creations. I’m not sure if even touching the water is allowed, but have to admit it would be difficult for a young child to be able to play in the sand but not touch the water. I wouldn’t really want my kids playing in the water at all so would probably avoid that area.


I’ve watched the Fireworks from Poly beach lots of times and there have always been kids playing in the water. I had no idea it was prohibited. I am pretty sure there was even a rope a little ways out implying not to go out further than the rope??


A few months back we were on a launch coming into the dock at the Poly and there were a bunch of kids in the water, parents on the beach, right in front of the “No Swimming” sign.
I’ll laugh when one of them is the victim of a gator chomp or a snake bite, as rare as those possibilities are.

Just don’t get me started on the apparent lack of parenting skills being displayed these days.
I only know that there are times I see parents doing a good job of being parents and sometimes I will quietly let them I commend them for being good parents.


It seems to me that many, many, MANY moons ago swimming was allowed at the Poly and GF. Personally, ever since we saw the gator-wranglers fish one out of the Sassagoula River by OKW a few years ago, I don’t think I’d chance it.


This video just made me miss the Poly even more.:laugh::huh::pinch::crying:


I always think the water looks pretty murky anyway, what with all the boats etc using the water.


I was thinking the same thing…ICK!:blow:


We had stayed at Poly about 25 yrs ago and swimming was allowed then, is that enough moons??? Well, the kids didn’t go swimming, more like splashing. Does anyone know it’s because of crocs or bacteria? I’m sure my DGD would like some water for the sand building too.


Yes - 25 is many moons. I understood it was from the bacteria - and the odd alligator.


I agree. These kids are clearly just dumping their buckets in the water and running them back to their sandcastles. There is one little girl sitting right at the shoreline.

The signs say “no swimming.” Not “no wading” or “don’t touch the water - it’s full of bacteria.” I mean, I’m sure Disney wouldn’t want to put up those signs because then people would be scared, but only those who know about the dangers of Florida still water would know that “no swimming” really means stay away from the water.


Generally, “No Swimming” means do not enter the water.


enuf said!


Besides, what happens when someone comes roaring along in their (underpowered) Sea Raycer and is looking the other way just as they cross the path of a swimmer who has ventured out 200 feet from the shore?
I know, we’re only discussing going out into the water just a little bit, and maybe only wading, but there are way too many variables involved to allow swimming in the lake, especially when that lake without lifeguards is only 50 feet from a large pool with lifeguards on duty.


You can’t convince me that it’s a problem with water quality since is this not the same place where you can jet ski???

If it’s gators and snakes then why does WDW allow personal watercraft in the water? Plus I would believe the shore line would be off-limits as well if gators were a problem.

I would guess that it’s to avoid any injured swimmers from all the watercraft using the lagoon.

But who knows??? Has WDW every issued an official reason why the lagoon is “off-limits”?


You used to be able to swim in the lagoon by the hotels many moons ago and as I assume many people may forget, River Country was in the lagoon over by FW and I swam there many times as a child (some of my favorite times were at River Country as a child and eating Pizza at Pop’s), and I remember some people swimming from FW over to Discovery Island when I was young (late 70s-early 80s). We used to go into the water at the beach at FW when River Country was full. River Country closed due to the sediment in the water. I was so sad to see that happen. I loved River Country. It was great.