Poly Concierge..worth it?


I am having Magical Journeys check the price to upgrade to concierge. I dont have the difference in $$ yet. Just wondering if the upgrade is worth it???


I’ve never stayed in concierge, but I recently listened to a podcast where they talked about this.

First, they really raved about concierge at the Poly; evidently concierge is handled differently at each Deluxe, and they really felt like the Poly did it right.

They thought it was a good upgrade if you were going to be spending a decent amount of time at the resort and were going to take advantage of the meals offerred in concierge. If you were planning on spending all of your time in the parks or were going to do a dining plan, then they weren’t so sure.

For the record, it was the WDW Today podcast… a recent episode (430 - 434).



I would think that it would be worth it at the Polynesian. My GF and her family stayed concierge at the Polynesian christmas week and RAVED about it.


I think I have to agree with the PodCast. I think it is quite a bit more to stay in the concierge if you book it. We stayed at the Concierge at the Grand Floridan only because they upgraded us for free. Yes it was wonderful because I felt really fu fu, but I do not think it is worth it to pay the difference. There were no “meals”, just snack type options kind of like a continental breakfast throughout the day. Plus I think there were drinks available in the evenings. I do think it is a couple hundred bucks more a night and that is not worth it to me. I would stay longer and buy my own snacks and still be ahead of the game!


YES!!! Even though my DS12 and I spend a lot of time at the parks, the Poly’s location makes it super easy to “pop” back to your room for a quick run to the Conceirge lounge. Finally upgraded to Poly Concierge in 2007 and will do it again in 2010! Can’t wait…


If you can budget for it, I recommend concierge level at any of the resorts.
The most obvious plus is the snacks and beverages available in the lounge all day.
Less obvious, but perhaps more important is that concierge guests get much more personalized vacation planning and very often concierge staff are able to make dining and recreation reservations that guests can’t make on their own.
I have been able to get into Chef Mickey’s while a guest at the Contemporary even though I was unable to get those reservations myself and last year, I never would have been able to book an Illuminations cruise on the night I needed to if I weren’t a concierge guest at the Boardwalk.
When we stayed at the Poly in 2005, I was able to get cappuccino at all hours of the night because their lounge is open due to the main staircase leading right into it. Also, the TV on the second level seemed to be on Weather Channel the entire time we were there (Wilma was coming to visit). Not sure if they are still leaving the coffee machines functional 24 hours today, but they did then.


Coffee machines (which make a various types) and sodas are available 24 hours at the concierge lounge. Various snacks, appetizers, desserts and a continental breakfast are offered during select times.

There still is a TV on the second level, which usually had “grown-up” shows on. The larger TV on the main level had the Disney Channel on for the children (of course)! Best of all, there is several tables and chairs that are child sized. They come in handy for families with small children.


Why is the Polynesian Concierge worth it? Because you get awesome personal itinerary planners like myself to help you out! :laugh: That is my job now is to help club guests plan their stays prior to arrival. If you have any questions, let me know.

And yes, the coffee machines are still functioning 24 hours per day.


And yes, the coffee machines are still functioning 24 hours per day.[/QUOTE]

That’s great because at the Contemporary they aren’t ( or weren’t in 2006), and at the Beach and the Boardwalk they lock the lounge and at WL, they lock the pantry overnight and at various times during the day. At AKL they’re just off line overnight.


I came <this close> to booking concierge at Poly for my upcoming trip. I would do it for the beverages, the lounge to relax and the quick breakfast items. (We aren’t into big breakfasts on vacation so a muffin and fruit are perfect for us). Do I think it’s “worth” the money? Not really - it would definately be a splurge.

I didn’t end up booking it because I added more nights on and the $$$$ kept adding up. (Plus the fact that our airfare was pretty high.) I am still really want to change it - b/c that would make my Disney bday even better - but I don’t think DH will go for it!


Yeah, I have heard we are the only lounge that has coffee, soda, and fruit available 24 hours a day. All the other lounges keep very prompt 7am-10pm hours.