Poly fans ... Here ya go!


Hi everyone!

This thread is for all the Polynesian freaks like me. I posted another thread a while ago asking if anybody could help in finding the music played on the Polynesian grounds (outside through the ground speakers).

As always I received a LOT of help through DC, but unfortunately, I was still unable to locate it.

Well, I FOUND IT. You cannot buy it, as it was never released. I recorded it and am now offering it to any of my wonderful DC friends and Poly fans that would like it.

Here’s the deal: It’s about an hour long loop, and I had to record it as one long track. So if I send you a CD, it will only have one track on it that’s about an hour long.

Just private message me if you would like a copy.



247H…thats great news. I am glad you found what you were looking for. Hey If you’re up for sending a cd to the uk I’ll happily take one off your hands! We honeymooned at the Poly and just adore it. Only it’s out of our price range for our everyday vacation. One day maybe we will get back there to stay…until then we will just have to keep Ohana~ing it!


Now that’s dedication… :laugh:


HAPPYSQUEE!!! :heart:



My family and I absolutely LOVE the Poly! I’d love a copy! :cool:


AM…I knew you’d be excited about this! :happy:



I need to have some background music while drinking Lapu-Lapus!! :wink: :wink:


Oh yes!! Or the new invention that Doughnut came up with…a Whipalulu!!! It’s a Dole whip mixed with a Lapu Lapu…YUM! :tongue:


That sounds delicious! Now I’ve gotta try one!! :cool: :tongue:


Doesn’t it though…I think Doughnut is mixing some up right now!!! goes off to make air reservation to doughnut land :tongue:

Now…back to our station…I can hear the Poly music now…Aaaahhhhhh :happy: ALOHA! :happy:


May I ask where you recorded it from? Just curious.


Probably put a recorder near one of the speakers and let it run.