Poly for fireworks?


Just wanted your opinions…

Do you think it’s worth it to hit the Polys beach for the wishes show? (we are staying at the BW)


How hard do you think it will be to get back to the BW from the Poly after wishes?



Hey Buzz!

We stayed there 2 years ago and watched the fireworks show. But we couldn’t hear the music very well. I don’t know why. Someone told me you need to be by a speaker. We didn’t search for a speaker and just sat on the beach. My kids playing on the beach and DH and I sitting and watching. It was still neat. I would check with the Polynesian. Especially since they are renevating and rewiring things, maybe this will get fixed too.
So with that said, Yes go for it, if the speakers are working.


We have done that once or twice. Dinner at 'Ohana and then walk out and watch the fireworks. The music is piped into their outside sound system so you should be able to hear the music near the pool.
It is nice to watch the fireworks if you plan on dining at 'Ohana, but if your main item is to watch the fireworks, there is nothing like being at MK. See it once from the carosel and then once from Main St or the train station.


Don’t know about the Poly, but if you can swing a PS at the California Grill around fireworks time, you get to go out on the private balcony. The view is awesome and the music is piped in. That was our extravagance for our last trip (costs two meals on the meal plan).


we saw wishes one night from the poly. i liked it but not as much as i would’ve if i heard the music. i think listening to the music makes the show more special than just watching the fireworks. if you are going to watch the fireworks from poly, you would have to get on the monorail to MK to get the bus to the BW. or, take a bus to DTD, then transfer for BW. it’s quite troublesome to get to your hotel after wishes is over. i would say, just go to MK to see the show.


Watching the fireworks from the Polynesian is very relaxing. You can leave the MK early, take the monorail to the Polynesian, walk around for a bit, get a tasty drink, and then enjoy with the fireworks from the beach. The little kids seem to really like this, since they can play in the sand and enjoy the fireworks at the same time!


Yes, you can see it, and see it well. You can’t hear it very well. I don’t know how much the music is piped into any speakers near Poly’s pool. I do know there are large PA speakers out on the islands just across from the beach, but they’ve been dead at least since hurricane season 2004. But there’s nights that they don’t pipe the music in to the California Grill either, and that’s supposed to be a selling point. Maybe they’ll fix the lagoon sound system some year, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


can vouch for this one! We have watched the fireworks quite often from the Poly beach and found it wonderful. I have to agree that it is not as magical as actually being there at the MK absorbing the whole ‘package’ as such but for a peacful change then I say the Poly beach cannot be beat. Make sure you get yourself a nice cocktail too!!!