Poly ... in 9 more SLEEPS!


We have only 9 more sleeps at home until we go to the Polynesian! I think I am more excited about staying at that resort than I am about going back to the parks again.

Still haven’t been able to get the Ohana’s dinner reservation nor Le Cellier. I think we will just try to be at one of the two places at 5pm and see if we can get in.


Sounds exciting!
Good luck getting into Ohanas and/or LeCellier.


Yay!!! I hope you are able to get into both of your restaurant choices! Can’t wait to hear how much you love the Poly!


please bring me with you!! LOL. Good luck with the restaurants and have fun!


Yay! It’s coming up quickly. Hope that you’re able to get in to both Ohana and Le Cellier.


Can I come with you!?!?!?!
We loved out stay at the Poly!! Try to get form lunc at LeCellier, most of their food is the same. And very good!! Keep calling every day you just might get lucky that someone cancels. Just remember the time might not be ideal, so be flexible for timing!
Have a Magical Time!!


I wish our stay at the poly was in 9 days.I have 89 days left till we are back at the poly!


I hope you have a great trip!!
Ohana opens at 5 pm, but Le Cellier opens at 4 pm. If you want to try a walk up, you need to be there at 4 pm.
Good luck with getting in to eat at these yummy places. We have been able to get in, but our Le Cellier ADR always ends up being before 5 pm. We just have a light lunch and look forward to our delicious dinner!!


Oh!! I am so jealous! Have fun and I hope you get at least one of your two restaurants!


Oh you are so lucky, I love the Polynesian!
You will love it!


Wow- good for you! I am so jealous because I REALLY want to stay there for our next trip!!! Have fun!


So close…can’t wait to read all about the vacation…in a trip report


Have a great time! (And check your PM if you haven’t already) :wink: :happy:


I love the Poly!! We’re staying at Pop this year because we’re going w/my brother & has family & the kids want to be together. I’m kinda bummed, last year 12 days at Poly, this year 10 at Pop!

Good luck with the dinner ressies!! Have a great trip!