Poly Longhouse---Which One?


Just spoke to the front desk at the Poly and I was told that Tahiti and Tokelau are completely closed for renovations. I was bummed to hear that…those are our favorite longhouses to stay in.

We’re checking-in in 3 weeks—which longhouse should we try and ask for when we arrive?


I really enjoyed Nuie (sp?). It is very close to both pools, the great ceremonial house, the beach and just about everything. Request the first floor so you can have the patio. You are able to see the pool from there.


[SIZE=“2”]I love the Polynesian!:heart: We stayed at the Tahiti building in July and the rooms were not yet renovated, and I agree that the building has a great location and the bathrooms are large! Those two buildings are close to the walk to the Transportatation Ticket Center, do you prefer that area? If that is the case, then the Rapa Nui building is real close to the TTC. We previously stayed in the Rarotonga building, which is very convenient to the Great Ceramonial House but the bathrooms are not as large (only one sink). It is also next door to Tangaroa Terrace, and that is where Captain Cooks is temporarily. Somoa and Niue have a nice location too, near the GCH, both pools, and beach.[/SIZE]


Yes, the rooms are larger in Tokelau and Tahiti w/the bigger bathrooms. I want a non-smoking longhouse.


I heartily recommend Samoa…it’s non-smoking and centrally located right next to the Quiet Pool, Volcano Pool and Great Ceremonial House. We LOVED it! :heart: I would request it every time without hesitation.


Last year we stayed in Hawaii, which is the concierge building. But I’m told that it was originally named Tonga and I don’t know what year the name was changed, but it was totally refurbished in 2003. It is next to Samoa, right on the lagoon. The actual concierge lounge has a huge glassed area offers a view of the Magic Kingdom, perfect to watch Wishes from in air conditioned comfort.


Are you wanting a MK view?


Everyone wants that. Are you willing to pay the premium for the honor?


We paid for a Garden View which is fine for us. Like I said, just bummed about Tahiti and Tokelau.


Give Samoa a try. I think I would rather pay for a garden view anyway than shell out the cash for a better view…we just couldn’t get over the location of the building, so convenient and it smelled fresh and clean!


I am sorry I cannot help with this too much as we only stayed there the once ( not through want of trying to stay more…I might add…just lack of funds!) and we stayed in Tokelau, but I hear that Samoa is a really nice building~ so I would put a request in for that one.
Don’t be too bummed though~ the Poly is awesome!


Oh, I know it’s awesome. This is going to be my 18th stay there…just can’t seem to stay anywhere else. My parents started taking me there when I was 4. I remember when it was $60,$70 or $80 night and there used to be a Maui and Oahu building and it was called the Polynesian Village Resort.


:eek: Ohmygoodness! I wish the prices were still that low today! :whistling :laugh:


I wish prices were that low at Day’s Inns and Choice Hotels!!


I feel the same way. Our family just loves the Polynesian so its difficult for us to stay any where else.


I would not suggest Niue as the above poster did unless you are smokers. They are all smoking rooms.

Samoa and Fiji have great garden views that can see parts of the lagoon and Rarotonga is a nice location with views of the monorail or pool.